TMS Oil 975

TMS Oil 975

TMS Oil 975

High performance transmission oils developed for use in transmissions of off-highway vehicles with wet brake systems and torque convectors, operating under heavy-duty conditions. Provides superior protection against micropitting.


Suitable for transmissions of construction equipments requiring CAT TO-4, GM Allison C4 and Komatsu Micro Clutch specications.


• Prolongs the equipment life. • Delivers excellent performance under variable load and speed conditions by keeping friction under control due to its high load-carrying capacity. • Reduces noise and prevents wear. • Makes the suitable choice easier for all systems by its wide viscosity range. • Compatible with all kinds of alloys. • Provides superior protection against oxidation and corrosion.


GM Allison C-4, Caterpillar TO-4, Komatsu Micro-Clutch, API CF-2, Caterpillar 1M-PC, ZF TE-ML 01/03.

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