LPG Pass

Easy And Profitable A First From Petrol Ofisi Lpg Pass!

The LPG Pass, which enables businesses with LPG vehicles in their fleet to control fuel costs, is now available only at Petrol Ofisi. Benefit from the first and only LPG Pass system in Turkey and profit from your PO/Gaz purchases without getting out of your vehicle safely.

How Does the LPG Pass System Work?

Our customer with LPG vehicles in their fleet signs a contract with a Petrol Ofisi Group PO/Gaz official to become an LPG Pass customer and to benefit from the opportunities.

Our customer’s company and vehicle information is enregistered in the Petrol Ofisi Group LPG Pass System for LPG vehicles. The data is recorded in the Automatic Fleet Management System for cars using gasoline and diesel.

Our customer is given an LPG Pass card for LPG purchases and an AutoMatic card for gasoline and diesel purchases by the Petrol Ofisi official.

Upon request, the customer can match the LPG Pass card with the credit card(s) from the "Online Transactions" on the Petrol Ofisi Group website to benefit from the Pay&Go feature of the LPG Pass card. Thus, for fuel purchases, payments are automatically debited from the matched credit card. This alternative is optionally available to our customers.

The driver arrives at Petrol Ofisi Group Station and draws his vehicle up the LPG island. They purchase PO/Gaz with the LPG Pass card. If our customer uses the Pay&Go system, the PO/Gaz purchase amount is collected instantly from the credit card. if they choose not to use the Pay&Go system, they pay at the station with the method of their choice.

Our customer invoices the discounted amount from all PO/Gaz purchases made using the LPG Pass card for the relevant period to Petrol Ofisi collectively at the end of the period.

Our customers can access the fuel purchase details conducted with LPG Pass from anywhere, 24/7. All they need to do is log into the system with their given customer code and their one-time password sent to the registered mobile number by SMS. The reporting section is located at the bottom of this page.

Our customers can access the registration processes related to gasoline and diesel purchases via the https://www.petrolofisi.com.tr/filo-yonetimi link.

Fuel Safety System at Petrol Ofisi Group for the first time in Turkey!

The PO/Gaz we offer for fleet owners using LPG Pass is 100% guaranteed.

As Petrol Ofisi Group, we are so confident in the product quality of PO/Gaz that in the event of an LPG-induced failure of the vehicles in your fleet with the Fuel Safety System, we cover 100% of the repair cost.

During this process carried out by independent organizations, Petrol Ofisi Group continues to stand by its fleet customers.

Our customers can also get support for sales and after-sales information and transactions from Petrol Ofisi Group Customer Services. 0 (800) 211 02 29 0 (555) 675 55 55

You can access your LPG Pass report page with your Customer Code or Agency Code.

Our customers or Agencies can access LPG Pass card usage information with the code given to them and the one-time password sent by SMS to the mobile phone registered in the system. This report produced in the system specifically for the customer contains detailed information such as vehicle license plate, LPG Pass card number, fuel station, date and time of the fuel purchase, amount and price of the fuel received, and amount of discount earned in each transaction. Our customers can filter the data according to various criteria such as date range, card number, fuel type, and vehicle license plate and generate a specific report. They can export the generated reports in an Excel format and store them in the archive.

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