Life at Petrol Ofisi Group

Our Working Environment

Our working environment, which we have shaped in the light of our common values, vision, mission, and employer value proposition, has a highly innovative design and a central location. Since our head office in Emaar Square is located in the same complex with cafes, restaurants, and numerous shops along with our recreational areas, it conveniently meets the social needs of our employees.

Offering the most contemporary and trendy working environment of the business world in a way worthy of the Petrol Ofisi brand and its employees, our head office is three floors in line with the modern horizontal office approach. The head office, which involves the Headquarters business units of Petrol Ofisi Group, enhances the working conditions with its contemporary design and advanced technology. In our office, where we work with an open office system, interpersonal communication is also sustained by physical spaces. In addition to an extensive shuttle network, we also have a large parking area in the same complex for our colleagues who commute to work in their cars.

Our main priorities are providing a safe, healthy, and pleasant working environment with high HSE standards in our General Directorate Office in Istanbul, our 8 Fuel Terminals, 1 LPG Terminal, 1 Lubricants Factory, and Liaison Offices in different cities in Turkey. On the other hand, we also have a home office and flexible working conditions for our sales teams working and traveling in the field all over Turkey.

In light of our operational excellence objectives, we develop the right strategic compensation designs for the right employee segments and adopt a wage management approach consisting of different layers in line with Petrol Ofisi Group. The essence of this approach is to maintain the internal balance and to distinguish the competitive and accurate roles/people concerning the market positioning.

Via the Job Evaluation Methodology, we determine our compensation policy by sorting job sizes based on points and grades. Our aim in using an international and reliable compensation methodology is to quantify the total income of our employees based on a fair and competitive compensation system.

Individual wages are evaluated and revised yearly concerning individual performance, market data, economic indicators, and internal balance.

Our salary package is paid 12 salaries per year, a monthly fixed salary bonus, and annual performance bonuses(for certain grades and positions). The monthly fixed salary bonus is two salaries and is paid appropriately with the company policy, on the date, and in a method determined proportionally to the actual work day.

These two salaries are paid in equal amounts every month and are calculated in proportion with the number of days worked by the employee since their entry date."

Our Benefits

Benefits in Cash

  • Welfare Benefits (Marriage, Maternity, Death, Holiday, and Annual Leave Benefits)

  • Rent and Relocation Allowance (for eligible job families in case of position and location change)

  • Performance Bonus (varies according to the task and grade structure)

  • Sales Bonus (varies according to the job families)

  • Overtime Wage (varies according to the grade structure and job families)

  • Shift Allowance (varies according to the grade structure and job families)

Benefits in Kind

  • Private Health Insurance (covering spouse and child without any additional payment)

  • Lunch (Voucher/Cafeteria)

  • Company Car depending on status or duty

  • Transportation (moving) Service (for eligible job families in case of position and location change)

  • Workplace Healthcare Service

  • Check-up (For eligible personnel based on the criteria specified in our policy)

  • Staff Transport Service

  • Mobile phone voucher and line, depending on the position

  • Nursery and Maintenance Benefit: Our female employees with children in the 0-6 age group are provided with Nursery and Maintenance Benefit on a monthly basis. As Petrol Ofisi, we care about contributing to all our employees and working mothers and we always continue to support them.

Flexible Benefits Service

"Flexible Office" is a human resources platform designed to respond to the changing needs of employee benefits. This platform is open to the election of employees every year.

Company Policy for Paid Leaves

We care about our employees, and we implement a competitive leave policy.

Years of Seniority Granted Days of Annual Leave
1-3 years 20 days
3-7 years 27 days
above 7 years 30 days

At Petrol Ofisi Group, you lead your development.

We attach great importance to the development of our employees' professional knowledge and skills, as well as their personal abilities, with the vision we receive from our Pioneer of Development promise. It is among our priorities to create a work culture for our employees at all levels, where they can demonstrate their full potential and learn by experience.

The “learning” experience at Petrol Ofisi Group begins with a job offer for our employees. Our onboarding process starts with preliminary preparation studies and applications. It is included in the orientation on the first day after starting the job, followed by the onboarding program, potential discovery and learning agility training. We aim for blended learning by supporting this process with online trainings.

In addition to team and individual development programs, we offer our employees the opportunity to learn at any time, with rich training content under many different topics, with our online training platform. Thus, we attach importance to using blended learning at every stage. We follow the world trends, revise them according to our institutional needs and continuously improve our training content accordingly.

We target measurable transformations with our leadership and management programs designed for our managers. We have the opportunity to monitor the development end-to-end with these programs that ensure the development of a common language and cultural dissemination in leadership. We are aware that the only way to operational excellence is working with a high level of dedication and systematic management approach without compromising discipline.

We consider the themes of “Mind, Body and Spirit” in our learning and development processes as a whole; We believe that when these dimensions are considered holistically, the impact of our programs on personal development will be complete. We design programs in which the effect of development on transformation will be realized with these. We ensure the sustainability of our programs, for which we are awarded in many international platforms.

As in all our processes, we measure and monitor the satisfaction of our employees and their contributions at the corporate level of the trainings and events we organize for different employee groups, with different contents, on different platforms, in the field of learning and development.

Do you want to work in a team that shapes the future?

Continuous improvement of employees' experience and achieving efficient business results is one of the most important goals at the center of our work. We aim to take into account the suggestions and expectations of our employees, to develop approaches that continuously strengthen loyalty, and to provide a business environment where ethical values are kept alive, which takes into account the balance between work and private life. In this context, in addition to the once-a-year "Employee Experience Survey," the first 1st, 3rd, and 6th grades of the new employees joining us are included. The "My Petrol Ofisi Journey" survey series is being implemented to measure lunar experiences and perceptions. The first day and the first month of the Petrol Ofisi Journey series, where we measure the employee's experience in the first six months, is a special period that we care about as much as the employee's entire life cycle. One of our most important applications that differentiate this experience and enable it to reach the best levels is the "Guide."

Thanks to the "Guide Application," we ensure that our new teammate adapts to the entire working environment of Petrol Ofisi as soon as possible and solves the difficulties encountered in the first working days together. The first manager selects the guide of our new employee among other teammates, and the road map of the directory is presented by Human Resources and followed at certain periods.

Petrol Ofisi employee experience surveys are a pioneering design that addresses unique and institution-specific topics.

"Employee Experience" scores and feedback, which we measure with different surveys in different periods, are regularly shared with Human Resources Business Partners and Senior Management. The follow-up of actions and improvement studies are important items among our company's critical performance indicators and employee performance targets.

We achieve perfection by taking responsibility.

The performance management process, which constitutes our "Perfectionism" and "Responsibility" values and is a necessity for keeping them alive, is one of the most important parts of our personal and corporate development. The performance management system at Petrol Ofisi Group is an integrated system that evaluates both target realizations and competencies. In Petrol Ofisi, as well as setting measurable targets that coincide with company targets, the culture of evaluation, development, and feedback on individual performance and competencies is also extremely important to us. In summary, "how" is as important to us as it is to "what" is done.

After our company targets are determined, these targets are transparently reduced to our departments, units, and sub-units, and finally, the personal marks are specified. In other words, each employee's goal impacts and contributes to the company's goal.

  • Aligned goals and values: Ensuring that each employee's business goals align with the organization's critical success indicators and values,

  • Focused on corporate objectives: Clearly defining the individual targets that support Petrol Ofisi Group's strategies and directing and evaluating the results according to Petrol Ofisi's expectations,

  • Competencies: In the formation of a common language and climate within the institution with certain behaviors and attitudes determined by taking our common corporate values as a reference while realizing our goals,

  • Feedback culture: Creating a constructive and open corporate climate and creating a constructive/developing feedback-giving infrastructure for ongoing success,

  • Employer brand: It is beneficial for Petrol Ofisi to acquire, develop and retain the skills it targets.

Petrol Ofisi Group Performance Management System is designed based on the following principles:

  • Compatible with strategy: Created within the scope of Petrol Ofisi's system and values, based on targets and competencies, and reduced to all positions in the organization,

  • Weighted by Impact/Contribution: In which the selected objectives (KPIs) are subjected to a "weighting" based on the "impact on business results" and the main responsibilities in the relevant section,

  • Measurable: Consisting of performance indicators (KPIs) of the «Measurable/observable» type,

  • Cultural change: Addressed within the framework of an application that will support our "Pioneer of Development" proposal, based on goals and metrics, and include "objective" criteria and processes,

  • Rewarding: Promotes successful employees with a variable reward approach that is «easy to set up» with reward management

The performance results measured within the Performance Management System provide input to other Human Resources practices and processes specified below:

  • Training and Development

  • Career Planning

  • Succession Planning

  • Remuneration and Rewards Policy

New ideas are valuable at Petrol Ofisi Group!

As Petrol Ofisi Group, we attach importance to new ideas and internal entrepreneurship. In the POwer Together program, employees at all levels can present the ideas that make a difference, implement them and become part of projects involving senior management, even if they are not related to their expertise. We keep our working culture alive, aim to contribute to sustainable profitability, and learn from our collaborative mistakes. It is a program that is kept busy as a value platform program that seeks to reward the savings and income-increasing ideas of the employees that will create value for Petrol Ofisi Group. The committee responsible for the POwer Together program management awards the ideas that meet the program criteria. The project award is given after the POwer Board presentation for the ideas implemented.

In the last two years…

Our volunteers are on duty!

The Volunteers Office is a volunteer-based community that cooperates with NGOs and other communities where Petrol Ofisi Group employees can develop social responsibility projects. By voluntarily joining this community, all our employees can create social benefits and support social development. Some of the projects we have implemented are:

  • Support preschool students with the AIP (Urgent Needs Project) Foundation. They agreed with Office 1 Store, prepared school sets (two separate sets for primary and high school) close to the opening period of the schools, and allowed our employees to enter and purchase from the special link. School kits were delivered to 47 children and young people identified by the IP in this way.

  • As members of the Volunteers Office, we went to Kınalıada on Saturday, October 11. With the support of the members of the Octopus Volunteers Association, we realized our garbage collection project in Kınalıada.

  • With the stand established on December 6 for the benefit of KAÇUV (Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer), the company employees supported them with the products they bought. In the evening of the same day, we prepared 150 Hopeful Boxes for KAÇUV and delivered them to the families of Children with Cancer.

Who are the Messengers of Development?

"Development Ambassadors," established to contribute to our transparent, participatory, and positive communication-oriented working culture, is a representative group of our 1-year volunteer employees. They have adopted corporate values, focusing on positive communication, and can develop constructive development proposals. We have at least one ambassador from all our departments, and they meet in regular meetings.

How Do Development Ambassadors Contribute to Petrol Ofisi?

  • Contribute to the understanding and survival of Petrol Ofisi Common Values.

  • Develop sustainable projects that coincide with our promise to be a "Pioneer of Development."

  • Follow and improve employee experience actions.

  • Contribute to all Human Resources and Internal Communication projects.

  • Provide information flow to colleagues about implementing new processes, practices, and actions.

  • The employer is the most important brand ambassador representing our brand both inside and out.

The Pioneer of Development is Telling

Cem Akboru,

Since February 2019, I have been serving as a part of the Petrol Ofisi family. My journey in the fuel sector began in 2007 as a "Fuel Quality Engineer." I brought a different dimension to my career, which had been entirely technical for 12 years, by assuming the role of "Field Manager" at Petrol Ofisi in 2019. I served as Field Manager in the Kocaeli and Bursa regions successively. Just a very short time ago, about 2 months ago, I was appointed as the "South Marmara Investment and Project Manager." The most enjoyable aspect of my job is completing each day filled with new and different experiences.

When I think of the Petrol Ofisi Group, words like noble, leading, and traditional come to mind. I take pride in our common values, which prioritize "National Pride," embrace a constantly "Innovative" approach, consider "Customer Focus" as a priority, make "Excellence" a life philosophy, and take pride in being a "Pioneer" in the industry with a "Team Spirit" approach. Especially in recent times, I define the company as one that makes its biggest investment in its employees with the "Sales Master Institute" and "Flexible Benefits" project, highlighting the value of employees by providing us with the opportunity to pass on our experiences to new colleagues through a mentorship program. I believe that the future of the Petrol Ofisi Group will continue to grow with the coming together of a series of companies and that we will further advance this growth process in the future. Just as in the past, we will proudly continue our journey carrying the title of "Pioneer" into the future.

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