Adaptech technology!

Offering full protection under in all conditions, Maxima engine oils have been renewed with the Adaptech technology!

As Turkey's number 1 in lubricants, understanding the changing needs and expectations and providing the most accurate solutions to our customers is our most important duty in our focus on continuous development. As a result of many years of laboratory studies at POTEM (Petrol Ofisi Technology Center), Turkey's largest lubricants technology center, we have developed the Adaptech engine oil technology that can be adjusted to all conditions.

Maxima engine oils, renewed with the Adaptech technology, keep your engine clean thanks to its innovative cleaning components. This technology ensures uninterrupted lubrication with dirt-dissolving proactive molecules. In addition, the antioxidant components in Maxima oils prolong the lubricant's life by creating a shield against oxidation. This way, the drivers can continue their journeys safely under all road conditions. Maxima oils with Adaptech technology also offer a protective oil film effect during sudden acceleration and deceleration. This helps extend the engine's life by providing optimum oil temperature in changing weather conditions, high load, and speed. With its multiple benefits, Maxima engine oil provides superior protection in all road conditions.

Full Protection Under Tough Conditions

Maxima engine oil stands by drivers in all road conditions. As roads and conditions change, pollutants in the outdoor environment can also vary. In such cases, harmful elements such as dust, dirt, and smoke can shorten the engine's life and cause serious damage. Maxima engine oils with Adaptech technology offer effective solutions such as:

  • Keeping the engine clean thanks to its innovative cleaning components
  • Ensuring uninterrupted lubrication with dirt-dissolving molecules
  • Extending oil life with antioxidant components by creating a shield against oxidation

Optimum Oil Temperature under Varying Conditions

As roads and conditions change, your vehicle's engine must adapt. Otherwise, your driving standards and your engine's health may be negatively affected. Maxima engine oils with Adaptech technology meet these needs and provide optimum oil temperature in changing conditions such as cold and hot weather, high load, and high overturn. Thus, it extends the life of the engine. Moreover, thanks to its ability to adapt to changing road conditions, your driving comfort, safety, and standards continue where they left off. You can also benefit from the vehicle oil change service our lubricant experts perform in 30 minutes. Visit our Where is the Station page, select your province, and find the closest center to you.

The Effect of Protective Oil Film on Sudden Acceleration and Deceleration

The heat that increases with engine operation may cause various damage and stress on the engine. Most engine corrosion occurs between the first start of the engine and the time it reaches optimum temperature. The engine is in continuous warm-up mode during short-distance driving. Situations such as heavy traffic, frequent stop-and-go, and constant activation of the start-stop system make it difficult for the engine's operating temperature to remain stable. This is where Maxima engine oils with Adaptech technology step in. Thanks to proactive molecules, they provide continuous and fast lubrication in every driving condition. Thus, it provides perfect protection in all operating conditions of the engine. The durability features that Adaptech technology provides your engine are as follows:

  • Up to 90% better oxidation resistance (according to SEQ IIIH test limits)
  • 70% less corrosion (based on OM646LA test limits)
  • 40% premature ignition reduction (based on SEQ IX test limits)
  • 25% better piston cleanliness (according to SEQ IIIH test limits)

Maxima Engine Oils with Adaptech Technology Tests & Research

If you are wondering more about the Maxima oil equipped with Adaptech technology, we invite you to review some of the test and research results:

  • Industry test OM646LA (CEC L-099-08) according to ACEA C2 and C3 limits
  • Source: 2022 PETDER Total Mineral Oil and Chemicals Data
  • 97% of the experts who have tried it recommend Petrol Ofisi Maxima. This research has been evaluated according to the results of independent research dated August 2022.

Environmental Awareness with Renewed Packaging

Turkey's largest lubricant technology center, POTEM, comes with brand new packaging for engine oils with Adaptech technology. This exclusively developed Maxima packaging is made of 25 percent recyclable materials. The packaging has been granted the "Low Carbon Hero" award by the Sustainable Production and Consumption Association (SÜT-D) at the 8th Istanbul Carbon Summit. The renewed package also has a hologram feature that makes it easier to prove the originality of the labels. Explore our Lubricants page to discover our other products, including passenger car engine oils and motorcycle oils.

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