AutoMatic Fleet Management

All is Well with Petrol Ofisi!
All is Well with Petrol Ofisi!

All is Well with Petrol Ofisi!

AutoMatic Fleet Management is an “effective fleet management” and “fuel gaining system” that enables companies with auto fleets to meet their fuel needs quickly, comfortably, and safely at Petrol Ofisi Group stations, keep their fuel consumption in line, and cut back on any additional costs.

As Petrol Ofisi Group, we provide fast, easy, and innovative solution alternatives to various needs of all kinds of commercial fleets, “from a single vehicle to thousands.”

All is on track with Petrol Ofisi Group’s AutoMatic Fleet Management system. We offer products and services designed specifically for your personal and business needs and allow you to manage your fleet comfortably.

Why AutoMatic Fleet Management

With our cutting-edge technology products, fuel economy up to %5

Reliable service with the most widespread network of stations in 81 cities

Quick and easy online fuel system you can manage simultaneously

Flexible fleet management system allowing instant fuel consumption tracking, fleet grouping and limitation

Safe and accurate supply of the product defined to the registered license plate

Cost management and operational convenience with a single invoice for all fuel purchases

Cards that provide special benefits to your employees in line with the company’s needs

How Does AutoMatic Fleet Management Work?

  1. The fleet owner agrees with the Petrol Ofisi representative to be a customer of AutoMatic Fleet Management and benefit from the opportunities.

  1. Customer information, license plate numbers, and fuel types are recorded in the Petrol Ofisi AutoMatic Fleet Management System.

  1. The customer makes an appointment for installation of the selected AutoMatic Fleet Management device. Then, the most appropriate installation point is identified. The device is installed with a unique password, and the customer can start to purchase fuel from Petrol Ofisi stations within the same day.

  1. The driver arrives at Petrol Ofisi Group Station and drives into the fuel island with the AutoMatic Fleet Management logo. When the fuel gun is inserted into the tank, the system recognizes the vehicle and the fuel purchase takes place automatically.

  1. The purchase amount is not collected immediately, the cash register receipt is printed out automatically with the information that the invoice will be issued later. The driver takes this receipt and continues his journey without any payments or delays.

  1. Petrol Ofisi issues an invoice twice a month, one on the 15th and the other on the last day of the month, and send them to the customer.

  1. The Customer can access the AutoMatic Fleet Management System usage information via the website or mobile application anywhere and anytime and display the vehicle limit determination and fuel purchase report easily.

  1. Customers may also receive support from Petrol Ofisi Customer Service for after-sales information and transactions. (Phone: 0212 329 17 00)

Fleet Management

Safe and fast fuel is no longer a dream for corporate fleet owners! With our highly efficient and user-experience-based fleet management system, you can meet your business's fuel needs at Petrol Ofisi stations without extra payments and optimize fuel consumption. Enjoy the many advantages of our fleet management approach that will ease the entire process.

Our Privileged Fleet Management System

Our AutoMatic fleet management system prioritizes fleet owners' needs and expectations. For instance, our flexible system allows you to easily track instant fuel consumption, fleet grouping, or limitations. Thus, you can control the entire process from A to Z and add efficiency to your commercial fleet. Thanks to the commercial fleet management we offer as Petrol Ofisi Group, the single invoice principle works for all fuel purchases. This makes it easier to manage fuel purchases' and operational transactions' costs. Thanks to this feature, you can save significant time and achieve up to 5% fuel economy. Our online fuel system can be managed simultaneously from wherever you are. You can access the fuel oil processes of your commercial fleet in seconds. By downloading our AutoMatic mobile application, you can control it 24/7 and carry out your transactions via your mobile phone. Thus, leaving complicated processes behind, you can carry on your fleet's fuel processes via our mobile app that promises "fast, convenient, and reliable" service. At AutoMatic Plus, you can double your fleet service. Taking fleet management systems to the next level, AutoMatic Plus offers fuel management and vehicle tracking altogether. Create a beneficial fleet management system in no time thanks to AutoMatic Plus, which you can start using within hours after your application. Choose from our 1800 stations across Turkey and select our superior fleet management system for your fleet's well-being.

Our AutoMatic Fleet Cards

Discover our featured AutoMatic cards for your commercial fleet management. Switch to the most accurate fleet management system that provides high efficiency for your business. AutoMatic Filo Club Card is a loyalty card project with various advantages, including its PAY-PASS and Money Club features. Our AutoMatic Fleet Logistics Card also offers privileged fleet management with its cash replacement feature. Thus, you can purchase fuel via POS devices with an AutoMatic Fleet Logistics Card. Our AutoMatic Fleet Gift Card is what you need if you wish to strengthen your company's prestige. Choose the AutoMatic Fleet Gift Card to gift fuel to your customers or prospective buyers as a promotional act. Taking into account our logistics companies in the field of international transportation, our AutoMatic Fleet Border Pass Card allows them to purchase fuel at Petrol Ofisi border gate stations without using cash or credit card, SCT and VAT excluded. The AutoMatic Fleet Commercial Card has various advantages for commercial vehicles such as taxis, buses, and minibusses and may have a suitable model for your needs. You can make a precise choice among our AutoMatic fleet cards, which are designed with a 360-degree perspective for fleet management.

How Does the Fleet Management System Work?

To join our fleet management service, all you have to do is complete a series of simple steps. Firstly, our fleet owner customer makes an agreement with a Petrol Ofisi Group representative and, thus, takes the first step of the process. Then, our fleet management system records our fleet owner customers' information, the license plates of the vehicles in their fleet, and the fuel types they use. Immediately afterward, our fleet owner makes an appointment for the installation of the selected AutoMatic Fleet Management device. After our customer determines the most suitable device installation point, the device is installed with our unique password. From the moment of installation, our customers can purchase fuel from Petrol Ofisi stations. From this point on, all necessary operations, such as placing the fuel gun in the tank and printing out the cash register receipt with information that will be invoiced later, can be carried out by our Petrol Ofisi stations. Your driver continues his transportation from where he left off. Thanks to the efficiency of our fleet management system, the amount is not collected immediately, thus saving time. For more information, contact us by visiting our Contact page. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to get answers to all your other questions. You can also visit our designated page for detailed AutoMatic fleet management system information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Petrol Ofisi AutoMatic fleet management service?

Our fleet management system enables commercial fleets to control their fuel purchase and usage from a single point. At Petrol Ofisi stations, you can optimize your fuel consumption without making any extra payment and benefit from advantages such as limiting, instant fuel consumption tracking, and a single invoice for all fuel purchases.

Where can I find detailed information about the AutoMatic fleet management system?

You can reach the AutoMatic Fleet Management Customer Support Line by calling the numbers below. Additionally, you can fill out the online customer form, and our customer representatives will get back to you as soon as possible. AutoMatic Fleet Management Customer Support Line 24/7: 0212 329 17 00

How many vehicles can I add to the AutoMatic fleet management system?

There is no vehicle limit in our AutoMatic fleet management system. You can include all of the vehicles in your fleet.

Is the AutoMatic membership paid?

No, subscription to the AutoMatic fleet management system and the installation of the equipment is free of charge.

What are the AutoMatic fleet cards?

You can choose among various AutoMatic fleet cards for specific options to meet your fleet's demand. While the AutoMatic Filo Logistics Card replaces cash, the AutoMatic Filo Border Pass Card allows logistics companies engaged in international transportation to purchase fuel without SCT and VAT and without using cash or credit cards. Visit our AutoMatic Fleet Cards page for more.

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