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A vast energy infrastructure group...
A vast energy infrastructure group...

As the only group that provides all types of fuel required for air, sea, and land vehicles throughout the country and the nearby geography, we are among Turkey's five largest private companies.

As Turkey's leading fuel and lubricant company, thanks to our production and filling lines equipped with the highest technology, we work non-stop to provide products and services to our country's heavy industry and production facilities, logistics, construction, mining, and maritime sectors.

We proudly own Turkey's largest fuel station network in the energy field, which we have been a part of since 1941. Employing tens of thousands of people, we are a giant energy infrastructure group acting as a regional power with a turnover exceeding 200 billion TL in 2022.

While leading the sector with more than 1950 stations, eight fuel terminals, 18 airport supply units, 1 LPG terminal, fueling a quarter of a million aircraft annually, and a fuel storage capacity of 1 million cubic meters, we meet half of Turkey's lubricant needs thanks to our Lubricant Factory built on 162 thousand square meters in Kocaeli. We also proudly export to 33 countries on four continents, thanks to POTEM, the most comprehensive technology center in the geography nearby.

Ready for Tomorrow from Today: Sector Leading Formations

As Petrol Ofisi Group, we focus on providing sustainable value to the country's economy and social benefit with every step we take. We lead the sector with various innovative initiatives in the light of our motto: ready for tomorrow from today.

With s-POwer, we have established Turkey's first solar-powered rooftop station and have placed Turkey's first fuel station providing electricity to the grid into action.

e-Power prepares the infrastructure of the future from today, equipping Turkey's highways with electric charging stations that we have developed in Turkey with our unique technology.

Through our ecosystem initiatives and subsidiaries that focus on technology and the development of consumer demands, we evaluate our financial and infrastructure strength in a fresh cycle and create value-added organizations throughout the process. With Petrolig, a technology and gaming company that sets out to bring fun and competition in life for everyone, we welcome nearly 3.5 million consumers via the Social League app, Turkey's first and only fantasy football league.

Our affiliated company, VavaCars, is a 100% subsidiary of our main investor, Vitol. It aims to take the chronic trust and transparency problem of Turkey's second-hand vehicle sector to a whole new dimension with digitalization and data-oriented pricing systems to attract millions of dollars of foreign investment to Turkey.

Credin, a BRSA Licensed consumer finance company, one of the Petrol Ofisi Group subsidiaries, adds an innovative touch to the consumer-oriented finance sector by offering end-to-end digital solutions in second-hand vehicle financing.

Petrol Ofisi Group's subsidiaries, Finance ("Fin") and Technology ("Tech"), operating under the Central Bank, have launched POFintech with the aim of contributing to the cashless society and expanding the financial base by utilizing modern and digital technologies of today to develop financial products tailored to the needs.

With the strength of over 80 years of corporate experience, POFintech is driven by the motivation to create secure and innovative solutions tailored to its users' financial needs and contribute to the market's development.

Sustainable Support for Social Utility

As Petrol Ofisi Group, we not only invest in the future but also prioritize creating permanent added value for social benefits.

In line with this mission, we build our work on three pillars: environment, inclusion, and accessibility. We have committed to reduce Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 42 percent by 2030 and eliminate them completely by 2050.

We do not believe that societies where women's participation in the political, economic, and social territories is limited can progress. This is why we support the Fenerbahçe Women's Football Team and Galatasaray Women's Football Team to strengthen the presence of our women in every field and increase their social development. As one of the founding members of the Million Women Mentor Project, we strive to include our women in projects that will stand out, especially in the science field.

Within the scope of accessibility, we are proud to sponsor our Turkish Amputee National Team, which has won the World Championship for the first time. We continue to expand our support to disabled athletes with the cooperation of the Turkish Physically Disabled Sports Federation (TBESF). As Petrol Ofisi Group, we continue to make a sustainable contribution to the economic and social development of the country with value-added products and services.

Petrol Ofisi Group in Numbers

  • Turkey's largest gas station network, with more than 1930 stations
  • Fuel supply to over 1400 suburban pumps
  • Eight fuel terminals
  • 18 airport supply units
  • 1 LPG terminal
  • Lubricant production facility on an area of 162 thousand square meters
  • Fueling a quarter of a million aircraft annually
  • 1 million cubic meters of marine fuel storage capacity
  • Lubricant exports to more than 33 countries on four continents
  • Sales revenue exceeding 200 billion TL

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