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The development journey starts at Petrol Ofisi Group

As Petrol Ofisi Group, we have served confidently from generation to generation with the pride of having taken our resources from these lands since the day we were founded. Across Turkey, with our leader and deep-rooted stance, we have been identified with the concept of "development" over the years. Our company always led the development with its inexhaustible energy and culture that valued different ideas. Thanks to our role and vision in social development, combining our strong past with an innovative and agile future, we have always been the "Pioneer of Development." By working at Petrol Ofisi, you will be the pioneer of your development and a partner in our company's journey to go further.

Main Elements of Our Employer Brand

Our employer value proposition, which forms the basis of our employer brand, stands over three main elements:

Pioneer of Development in Our Proud Journey

We are a brand with a story. We are a company that the Turkish nation trusts, a company where our colleagues are proud to say, "I work at Petrol Ofisi". Petrol Ofisi Group constitutes a very robust and significant reference in our colleagues' careers, particularly in the energy industry.

Pioneer of Development in Our Transformation Journey

We are a company that develops and transforms its employees in this transformation journey, where we evolve into an innovative and agile brand while taking strength from our roots. With our working culture allowing employees of all levels to speak up and introduce their ideas and to enhance their aptitude for learning from mistakes, we offer our employees the opportunity to participate in projects involving senior management, to try new methods of doing things, and to have an impact on important decisions.

Pioneer of Development in Our Leadership Journey

We are one of Turkey's largest companies. We are a company that is the leader of its industry, an expert in its business, and has strong financial sustainability. We raise leaders who will be the pioneers of development so that we hold the lead on this journey.

Why Should I Apply to Petrol Ofisi?

We are not only the leader of our industry but also an unrivaled organization that consumers always rely on. We lead development by establishing business partnerships outside our industry, whose name has always been paired with "pride" in Turkey, and we are one of Turkey's largest companies.

Our employer value proposition is also our commitment. Personal, professional, and corporate development is our prime motivation. Therefore, on top of the wages and benefits we offer, we are the best place for all talents who want to feel proud of their institution and intend to pursue their career in an organization that invests and believes in the importance of development every moment of every moment.

From this point of view: "By working at Petrol Ofisi, you become the pioneer of your development and accompany us on our company's journey to go further."

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