How Can I Earn Points?

You can start earning points once you’ve verified your license plate registered in the Petrol Ofisi Group mobile app at our loyalty POS devices in our station shop, or after you have activated your Positive Card via the mobile application, via SMS, or our website.

After you’ve saved and verified your license plate on the Petrol Ofisi mobile app, you can start automatically earning points every time you refill your tank. If you have already registered your Positive Card, your Positive Points corresponding to your fuel purchases will be loaded onto your Positive Card. You can access your points by asking our sales representative to scan your Positive Card at the pump’s card reader or by loading them via the Positive POS device in the shop.

The Positive Points you earn will be uploaded to your account within 24 hours at the latest.

How Can You Find Out About Your Points?

You can learn the total points you have earned by logging in to the Online Transactions section, by calling our Call Center (0800 211 02 29 or 0555 675 55 55), by checking the My Account section on the Petrol Ofisi Mobile app, or via the POS terminals in our station shops.

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