Petrol Ofisi aims to meet the needs of its customers at the highest level with the experience it has gained since 1941, its R&D power and expertise in the industry. The benefits that Petrol Ofisi aims to provide for its customers with its technological products and superior technical services are as follows:

Saving on oil costs
  • Less purchase expense
  • Less oil consumption
  • Optimization of oil change intervals
Reduction in maintenance costs
  • Reduced consumption of spare parts
  • Less labor
  • Longer service time
Increased operating efficiency
  • Reduction in average repair time and breakdown frequency
  • Less energy loss
  • Increased equipment reliability

We are always at your service as your pre-sales and after-sales solution partner.

Wouldn't you like to predict what kind of problems your equipment may face when operating continuously at high capacity, save on costs and see your equipment running smoothly by taking the necessary precautions?

Laboratuvar Hizmetleri

Lubricant samples taken from your equipment via the Lubricant Analysis System developed by Petrol Ofisi are analyzed by an expert team at the Petrol Ofisi Technology Center, Turkey's most well-equipped lubricant laboratory, using the most technological devices. After an analysis of the oil samples used in your equipment is complete, technical reports specific to your equipment are created in accordance with predictive maintenance behaviors.

Thanks to the Lubricant Analysis System;

malfunctions that may occur in your equipment can be detected in advance.

Oil change periods are extended.

You can save by operating your equipment more efficiently for longer periods of time.

You can save on costs for spare parts, labor and purchasing

Click on the button below and visit the Lubricant Analysis System POLA home page, digitally follow your oil analysis and review your reports.

Petrol Ofisi provides an on-site response for technical support needs and problems with expert engineers and specially-designed mobile vehicles equipped with all the necessary instruments.

The following services are offered as part of Lubricants Diagnostic Services, which were established to provide expert on-site services:

Impurity analysis

Water-in-oil measurement

Filtering in an emergency

Regular checks of metal working oils.

Having provided on-site training for more than 100,000 consumers and technical staff, Petrol Ofisi visits you on-site with its Lubricant Training Team consisting of engineers who are experts in their fields.

The team makes use of all kinds of technical equipment and offers interactive lubricant training programs tailored to the technical level of your employees on topics such as.

Lubrication technologies

Production and application of oils

Things to consider in lubrication and stocking

and Potential problems and problem solving techniques

Petrol Ofisi contributes to the development of your employees with its technical training services, provides faster solutions to the problems they may encounter in your facility and helps you save on maintenance costs. You can participate in our regular technical training programs to ensure that both the equipment in the machine park and the vehicles in your fleet are maintained more diligently.

Petrol Ofisi is at your service in the field with its Technical Services team consisting of engineers who are experts in their fields. It develops quick, practical and reliable solutions to your requests.

It determines lubrication points for your fleet and machine park during on-site visits. It prepares guidelines for lubrication and generates reports by defining the oils used and lubrication periods.

It checks the compatibility of lubricants with the system in light of developments in lubrication technologies and analyzes the benefits of newly developed products.

After conducting the relevant pre- and post-sales inspections in the field, the Petrol Ofisi expert team prepares and presents your annual benefit report including all the benefits and fieldwork such as:

Saving on maintenance and repair costs

Reduction in breakdowns

Prevention of unnecessary oil use

Optimization of oil change intervals

Increased productivity and efficiency

Extended equipment life