Bunker Quality and Quantity Security System

The First and Only in Turkey: Bunker Quality and Quantity Security System (BQQSS)

As PO/Marine, we have established a Bunker Quality and Quantity Security System for our customers' compliance with regulations, and it is free of charge!

IMO 2020 fuel sulfur regulation brings many changes that will affect the shipping industry. As PO/Marine, the marine sales brand of Petrol Ofisi Group, we are proud to be the first and only in Turkey to offer a new quality assurance system to adapt its clients to this change and protect them. All our bunker deliveries take place under the supervision of an independent surveyor. Independent and accredited surveyors will be in charge of all deliveries of PO/Marine 24/7, 365 days.

How Does the Bunker Quality Quantity Security System Work?

  • Initial measurements of both vessel and barge fuel tanks to provide exact quantity assurance.
  • Recorded times and events prior to, during, and after bunker transfer.
  • After all safety precautions checks are complete, the delivery starts with the surveyor's approval.
  • Your samples are stored in accredited laboratories for three months.
  • The surveyor takes samples through the continuous dripping method with the witness of the barge & vessel crew.
  • BDN is issued by the surveyor and signed by both vessel & barge chief engineers/masters.

As PO/Marine, we have also created a technological infrastructure to provide you with a better and faster service. All your reports on refueling are automatically sent to you via e-mail in a very short time after the refueling, allowing you to access all information about the process. Thus, there is no question mark in your mind. Our power at sea, PO/Marine, is always with you for quality products, perfect service, on-time supply, and delivery.

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