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First in Türkiye, from PO/Marine! Bunker Quality and Quantity Assurance System

We have developed a Quality Assurance System to help our PO/Marine customer in complying with the regulations provided free of charge.

The IMO 2020 regulation on fuel oil sulphur limit has brought some significant changes have occurred in the marine industry. We have developed a Quality Assurance System to help our PO/Marine customer adjust to this change. Bunker Quality and Quantity Assurance System.

This customer-oriented service, first and only in Türkiye, is provided free of charge by PO/Marine. Under this new system, all bunkering operations conducted by PO/Marine are supervised by independent and accredited surveyors on a 24/7 basis, 365 days a year. Thus, our customers know the quantity and quality of fuel they receive and are assured that the product and service quality is monitored by an internationally accredited surveyor.

How Does the Bunker Quality and Quantity Assurance System Work?

  • Fuel quantity in the vessel tank and barge tank is measured before bunkering to ensure exact and complete fuel supply.
  • All operational details are documented before, during and after bunkering.
  • After checking all security measures, fuel is supplied under the supervision of a surveyor.
  • Bunker samples are stored for 3 months in accredited laboratories.
  • Samples are obtained using drip-sampling method under the supervision of an independent surveyor.
  • BDNs prepared by the surveyor are signed by the chief engineer and captain of the vessel and the barge.
  • We have also developed a technological infrastructure to provide a better and faster service to you. All reports on bunkering are automatically sent by the system to our customers shortly after the bunkering operation to allow them to have all the information about the process. Thus, we prevent any potential concern. At PO/Marine, our flagship in the marine industry, we are committed to providing you with quality products, impeccable services, and timely supply and delivery.

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