Autogas Frequently Asked Questions

Fuel Safety System (YES)

"YES" is the abbreviation of "Fuel Safety System," the first and only system in Turkey created for Petrol Ofisi LPG product quality and missing product customer satisfaction. With this system, your Product Quality or Underfill declarations are inspected by ITU-approved INTERTEK and TÜV AUSTRIA TÜRK institutions and reported back to you. We, as Petrol Ofisi, do not and cannot interfere with the results. If we have a mistake, all your expenses are covered by Petrol Ofisi Group.

All our LPG analyses and pump calibration inspections are conducted by ITU-approved independent accredited institutions INTERTEK and TÜV AUSTRIA TÜRK. The customers can see that the relevant independent organizations are involved in evaluating and concluding their declarations.

Independent Accredited Institutions will provide instant and transparent communication with you during the auditing process. They will provide photographs of all the steps, including when the station was visited, whether the sample was taken, whether the piece went to the laboratory, and so on.

Independent Accredited Institutions are independent international organizations authorized to conduct inspections and certify organizations worldwide, as well as in Turkey. They exist solely because they are experts in their business and are not influenced by anything during their reporting.

You do not need to make any payments, and your satisfaction is enough for us.

The Fuel Safety System cannot be applied in certain situations, such as the end of the vehicle's relevant parts' life, failure caused by incorrect/incomplete LPG kit assembly, absence of periodic maintenance of the car, and LPG Kits not installed from the engine types listed by LPG Kit manufacturers. For your declaration to be included in the Fuel Safety System, it is necessary to apply to Petrol Ofisi communication channels first. The technical controls and comments made by third-party services without the knowledge of Petrol Ofisi will not be evaluated.

INTERTEK and TÜV AUSTRIA TÜRK will share the audit results within 72 hours after the TSE-Certified Transformer report reaches us.

It is sufficient to have bought at least 200 liters of POGaz in the last six months and at least 10 liters of POGaz in the previous week.

Petrol Ofisi Group stations are monitored 24/7 with automation. We can easily see the past purchases of your vehicle from your license plate.

To accurately determine the source of the problem in a short time, we aim for our experts to check if there are any problems with the customer's vehicle. No fee is charged from the customer during these checks.

We have complete automation capabilities in which the product's analysis, filtering, and all other processes are monitored from the terminal to the pump. We trust our product, our technical infrastructure, and the service we provide.

All of our stations where POGaz is sold are included in the YES project.

A 24/7 automation system monitors our stations. Our facilities and tankers are monitored with a full automation system as well.

ITU confirms the accuracy and systematics of our processes for product quality.

Smart Pressure Technology

The Smart Pressure Technology is a system that allows filling your LPG vehicle in a certain pressure range under all conditions by using special equipment located in the LPG pumps at our stations.

The ideal pressure value for filling is 9-13 bar. To determine the filling pressure, it is necessary to look at the pressure that occurs during the filling. A low-pressure value may be detected on the manometers. Looking at the pressure gauges while the filling is recommended to see the correct pressure.

There could be two reasons for this. Firstly, the pressure value is read before the vehicle starts to fill. In this case, the pressure when filling the car should be checked. Secondly, the manometer on the dispenser may be defective. In such situations, the correct pressure can be read from the manometers located in the tank.

The LPG tank pressure is low in the winter and high in the summer. The filling of the vehicles depends on the tank pressure and is performed at variable pressures. The Smart Pressure Technology ensures that the pressure value during the filling is always at the same level and is not dependent on the tank pressure. Thus, you can get gas in the ideal filling pressure range under all conditions and experience the same quality every time. This way, you will not embark upon different situations, such as overfilling or underfilling due to low or high pressure. Remember that you pay as much as you take when filling at low and high pressures.

If the filling pressure exceeds the upper limit value, this turns into a liability for the vehicle. If the filling is made with high pressure, the floating system of the LPG tank may be forced and, therefore, may malfunction. If the pressure is too high, the safety valve of the tank may open, and there may be a risk of gas release into the environment.

If your vehicle's LPG tank is filled with low pressure, less gas is supplied in volume. Since less gas is stored, fewer kilometers are traveled with that tank. This does not mean underfilling; you pay a smaller amount for the less amount of gas you have purchased and travel fewer kilometers. The Smart Pressure Technology, on the other hand, prevents under-filling or over-filling due to pressure regulations and ensures that your tank is filled exactly as it should be.

Although Smart Pressure Technology is not yet available at every station, it is rapidly spreading and aims to be installed at all our stations with PO/Gas sales in a short time. The stations with this technology can be detected by the "Smart Pressure Technology Here" sign on the LPG filling area of the station.

LPG Pass

Any organization that has two or more LPG vehicles in its fleet and can issue invoices can be included in the LPG Pass system.

You will be able to observe the purchases of all your vehicles belonging to your company and report the fuel purchases at any time. You will also have additional discounts for fuel purchases of LPG vehicles in your fleet.

As the market leader in vehicle identification and sales channels in Turkey, our officials will immediately evaluate your requests and include you in the AutoMatic system full of benefits.

This alternative, provided per the LPG law numbered 5015, is not available in LPG and is not foreseen to be available for LPG any time soon. The dealers issue autogas invoices and make the collection.

You can share your request by calling our call center and swiftly include your LPG vehicles in the LPG Pass system.

These are the institutions authorized to sign LPG Pass and AutoMatic contracts on behalf of Petrol Ofisi.

Once the contract is signed, the LPG Pass cards are passed in immediately, and you can start using them right away.

You can instantly report and track the purchases of your vehicles by entering your customer code in the LPG Pass reporting field on our website. In addition, automatic notification e-mails will be sent daily.

LPG Pass card is valid at all POGaz sales points.

All you need to do is contact our call center with your cash register receipt.

There are no restrictions regarding payment methods. You can pay in any form you want at the station. If you wish, you can also use the PAY&GO feature.

Using the PAY&GO feature, you can match your credit card or the company credit cards you gave your personnel with the LPG Pass card. This way, you can pay without getting out of your vehicle. In addition, if you want, you can register your PAY&GO account by creating a virtual card. Thus, you can set a limit for LPG Pass and see over the purchases.

Our Call Center will serve you 24/7.

The LPG Pass card does not hand out positive points for any product and is only used for tracking purchases and end-of-term advantages.

No, our stations will direct you to the call center.

You can benefit from any existing bank campaign during all payments effectuated by credit cards. Credit card campaigns are separate campaigns organized by banks.

Within the Fuel Safety System (YES) scope, your complaints will immediately be evaluated by independent accredited organizations.

No, an instant discount will not be applied at the pump. The transaction is carried out with the invoice received at the end of the period from the customers who have signed the agreement. Say that a 3% discount is agreed upon. The customer buys a total of 100,000 TL of LPG during the period. It will provide a benefit of 100,000 TL x 3% = 3,000 TL. Our agents or sales team will share the details with our customers.

No, you cannot earn points or budget for the Social League platform from LPG Pass purchases.

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