AutoMatic Plus

AutoMatic Plus is the easiest way to manage your fleet.

AutoMatic Plus is Turkey's first fleet management system that combines “fuel management” and “vehicle-tracking” simultaneously. As Petrol Ofisi Group, we offer solutions only available at AutoMatic Plus that make life easier for fleet customers.

Fuel management and vehicle tracking are combined with the exclusive advantages of AutoMatic Plus.

All is well in your fleet, thanks to Petrol Ofisi Group!

Purchase fuel from the most widespread network of stations in Turkey.

With over 1,800 stations countrywide, Petrol Ofisi Group is the fuel distributor with the most widespread network of stations in Turkey. Come to the advantageous world of AutoMatic Plus and get the royal treatment for your fleet vehicles from our overall station network.

Save up to 5% on fuel with V/Max!

Petrol Ofisi Group, the leading fuel distribution company in Turkey, provides the highest fuel economy thanks to the new-generation V/Max technology designed for both gasoline and diesel vehicles. At AutoMatic Plus, you can save drastically in fleet expenses using Petrol Ofisi V/Max fuel. -Longer distances of up to 5 liters per 100 liters -Power recovery and a performance increase of up to 5% in gasoline and 10% in diesel oil.

Track your fleet instantly on a single screen.

Thanks to Turkey's first and only instant updating feature, you can track and control your fleet 24/7 with the most current data.

Start managing your fleet easily within hours!

Thanks to the Mobile Programming service offered for the first time by Petrol Ofisi Group to corporate customers, you can start to enjoy the benefits of AutoMatic Plus within a few hours following your application.

First & Only In Turkey

AutoMatic Mobile Programming

Thanks to the fastest device installation in Turkey, you will have the ability to purchase fuel within a few hours with AutoMatic Mobile Programming, regardless of your fleet size.

You Are Included In The AutoMatic System Within Hours

While the standard inclusion process of vehicle recognition systems takes up to 20 days due to factors such as logistics of vehicle identification units, installation, and density during first fueling, thanks to our innovative Mobile Programming feature, your installation and activation are completed just within a few hours.

No Matter Where Your Vehicle Is

Thanks to Mobile Programming, the vehicle identification unit can be programmed and installed in any installation service point around Turkey without shipping.

Start Purchasing Fuel Immediately!

As soon as the sign-up process for AutoMatic Fleet Management is completed, the assembly begins and is completed within a few hours. In addition, you can immediately start receiving services from the most widespread network of around 1,800 Petrol Ofisi Group stations to take control of your fleet.

Your Fleet Is Now On Your Mobile Phone

AutoMatic Mobile Application enables AutoMatic Fleet Management users to control their vehicles 24/7 and to perform all website actions via mobile phones easily.

Track Your Fleet By The Minute

You can easily track all fuel consumption information of your company vehicles via your smartphone. You can view the stations used in detail and the amount of fuel purchased by your cars.

You Set The Limits

You can set new limits, such as zone limits, time limits, and fuel limits in TL or liters for the desired vehicle or vehicle groups, and you can easily remove the old ones.

Access Instant Reporting With A Single Click

AutoMatic Mobile Application enables you to check your fleet on your mobile phone.

All is on track in your fleet with Petrol Ofisi Group!

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