Gift fuel up to 750 TL!

Earn instant gift fuel up to 250 TL at once and up to 750 TL in total.
End Date 8/10/2024

Register with the Petrol Ofisi mobile application between August 05 and September 20, 2023, choose the most convenient campaign for your fuel purchases, and earn instant gift fuel up to 250 TL at once and up to 750 TL in total. All you need to do is select the campaign you want to participate in according to your spending pattern and purchase fuel via your license plate or your Positive Card registered in the mobile app from our Positive Card-member stations. In regard to the campaign, participation is required by selecting one of the following gift fuel campaigns: 30 TL gift fuel for fuel purchases of 900 TL and more, 90 TL gift fuel for fuel purchases of 1900 TL and more, or 250 TL gift fuel for fuel purchases of 4900 TL or more.

Campaign Conditions:

  • To benefit from the "Gift fuel up to 750 TL" campaign, it is required to register with the mobile app using your license plate or to register your Positive Card via the mobile application. Following the membership step, you can become a part of the movement instantly by selecting a suitable campaign from the campaign page and clicking the "Join Now" button.
  • The campaign validates fuel purchases made from Positive Card-member Petrol Ofisi stations using a registered license plate or Positive Card.
  • A customer can benefit from the campaign only up to 3 times throughout the duration of the campaign. After four separate purchases, the campaign cannot be used again.
  • The first transaction made from the same station on the same day will be considered within the scope of the campaign.
  • You can earn a maximum of 90 TL from the 30 TL gift fuel for 900 TL and more campaign, 270 TL from the 90 TL gift fuel for 1900 TL and more campaign, and 750 TL from the 250 TL gift fuel for 4900 TL and more campaign.
  • You can earn only a maximum of 750 TL throughout the campaign.
  • Points earned throughout the campaign are loaded within 24 hours at the latest as long as the campaign conditions are met. These points can only be used for fuel purchases from Petrol Ofisi stations, which are members of Positive Card participating in the campaign, until 01.09.2024.
  • 100 Positive Points are worth 1 TL fuel.
  • To change the campaign you have joined, call our Customer Services at 0555 675 55 55.
  • You cannot benefit if you have not downloaded and registered to the Petrol Ofisi Mobile app or participated in the campaign.
  • Petrol Ofisi reserves the right to stop and change the campaign whenever necessary.
  • Discounted transactions are not included in the campaign.
  • This campaign cannot be combined with other campaigns and discounts.
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