Commercial & Industrial Sales
Commercial & Industrial Sales

We maintain our traditional leadership in the commercial industrial market due to the Fuel Market Sector Report by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority with our network of 11 terminals spread across Turkey, a fuel storage capacity of 1,500,000 m3, and a large wholesale fuel dealer network in Petrol Ofisi Fuel Wholesale Service.

As we continue this rise, we keep being the energy of Turkey's biggest projects. From subway to airport projects, from highways to bridges, we provide the energy needed for plans of many different scales that play a role in the development of our country.

We, as Petrol Ofisi Fuel Wholesales, meet the demands of all sectors that need bulk fuel, especially construction, logistics, mining, energy, and industrial uses, with our wide product range of diesel, gasoline, kerosene, fuel, kalyak and bitumen products. We continue to respond to the ever-changing customer needs with our innovative structure.

Project samples and tonnages that we are the supplier of:

İGA Istanbul New Airport: 1 million m3
Northern Marmara Highway: 140 thousand m3 Niğde-Aksaray Highway: 80 thousand m3 Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge: 10 thousand m3 1915 Çanakkale Bridge: 5 thousand m3 Eurasia Tunnel: 5 thousand m3 Bursa High-Speed ​​​​Train: 40 thousand m3 Halkalı - İstanbul Airport Metro Project: 1 thousand m3 İzmir – Çandarlı Highway Project: 1 thousand m3

Fast and Safe Delivery with Widespread Terminal and Logistics Network

We offer the products you need quickly with our advanced logistics network. We meet your fuel needs safely by following legal and environmental regulations during delivery. As Petrol Ofisi, we assure you that we will meet your energy demands perfectly.

We offer our customers important opportunities for reliable cooperation with our transparent trade approach, compatible with all laws and regulations.

Supply Assurance

As the Petrol Ofisi Group Fuel Wholesales department, we deliver your orders with the assurance of supply by protecting them from negative effects such as crises in today's world and the difficulty in energy and commodity supply. We have delivered fuels to our customers on time and completely in giant-scale projects completed and ongoing in Turkey.

Equipment Supply and Service

We supply container tanks and other equipment to our business partners so that they can use the fuel they have purchased at the worksite and construction sites. Around 400 tanks are actively used by our customers throughout Türkiye. We not only supply equipment but also provide support for its use under HSSE criteria.

Experienced Sales and Support Staff

Our experienced sales team is always with you to provide the products and services you need. They are ready to respond to all your needs with a wide product and service portfolio. Our employees, who are experts in their field, will be with you after the sale to find the right product for your fuel needs. You can reach our support staff anytime during your purchasing process, product requests, and after-sales processes.

High Quality and Superior Performance Products

All our products have standards set by the industry's leading authorities. At Petrol Ofisi, you can find fuel types to ensure that Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) products and other equipment operate efficiently. We aim to increase the efficiency you can get from a fuel service with our competitive price policy understanding and tank cleaning service. In addition, we raise awareness of our customers with our health, safety, environment, and security training.

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