Loyalty Programs

We, as Petrol Ofisi Group, have been serving our clients with high-quality products and services in over 1900 spots all over Turkey while also making their lives easier with our extensive loyalty program. Petrol Ofisi customers can gain points for purchases and buy gift fuel or POGaz with their collected points. In addition, our customers can also match their Positive Card with their credit cards and use it as a payment method at Petrol Ofisi stations.

To become a member of the Petrol Ofisi Group loyalty program or continue your current membership, you need to download the Petrol Ofisi mobile app or log in via the Online Transactions menu.

Scan QR and download the Mobile App!

You can purchase fuel by enregistering your license plate to the Petrol Ofisi mobile app or via your Positive Card.

Collect your points.

Win gift fuel or POGaz!

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