What is Pay & Go?

As Petrol Ofisi Group, we add a brand-new payment method and convenience to your life. With our Pay & Go service, you no longer need to get out of your vehicle to make your fuel payment at our approximately 1,200 Pay & Go member stations across Turkey. It is enough to have your Positive Card and credit cards read the pump to pay and go.

What are the Advantages of Pay & Go?

With Pay & Go, you can pay faster and more comfortably. Your payment is also taken when you finish filling fuel at the pump.

Whether you're trying to catch up with work, a meeting, or a friend's gathering, you can continue your way at the speed of a pit stop without getting out of your car.

If you have children or pets in the car, you don't have to leave them alone or take them with you when you go to the payment area.

Also, you won't be affected by the weather conditions while paying. Rain, wind, or hot weather will not ruin your comfort.

Motorcycle users, who do not want to waste time in traffic, can also pay for fuel without taking off their helmets or even gloves.

Three times Positive Points are earned for transactions made with Pay & Go.

How to Pay & Go?

*When the Positive Card is read to the pump, your bank authorizes the credit card you specify. After the fuel purchase is completed, the authorization will be canceled, and the actual fuel purchase amount will be charged to your card. *The Pay & Go campaign cannot be combined with other campaigns.

It's Easy to Track Pay & Go Transactions

When you pay with Pay & Go, a free SMS is sent to your mobile phone when your fuel purchase is completed, and your fuel purchase information is instantly shared with you. In addition, you can easily follow all your Pay & Go transactions, including past-period transactions, through the Petrol Ofisi mobile application or the "Online Transactions" menu.

Click here to pair your Positive Card and Credit Card. For more detailed information, you can visit the FAQ section.

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