If you are a member of Miles&Smiles, once you have matched your membership to Positive Card, you can earn up to 5x fuel points depending on your Miles&Smiles membership status. The table showing the points earned depending on your membership status is as follows: Miles&Smiles Classic: 2x Positive Points Miles&Smiles Classic Plus: 3x Positive Points Miles&Smiles Elite: 4x Positive Points Miles&Smiles Elite Plus: 5x Positive Points In addition, you can instantly convert your Miles accumulated by Miles&Smiles into Positive Points and use them for fuel/Autogas purchases at our stations. Each 1,000 Miles is equal to 20,000 Positive Points, that is TRY 200 worth of fuel. Positive Card can be matched with a Miles&Smiles membership on a one-time basis and you can enroll in the campaign.

You can do so through our website or via SMS. If you are a Miles&Smiles member, please enter your Positive Card number that you wish to match to your Miles&Smiles membership number starting with TK in the registration field under the Miles&Smiles campaign page on www.petrolofisi.com.tr. After verifying your user information with the single-use password sent to your mobile phone number registered in the Miles&Smiles system, the two memberships will be matched and you can immediately start earning points at our stations depending on your status in Miles&Smiles. If your Positive Card is inactive, you can activate it on our website. In case you wish to match your memberships via SMS, please type "THY" space "Your Miles&Smiles membership number starting with TK" space the Positive Card number you want to match and send a text message to 7627. Sample SMS Text: “THY TK123456789 7000190370001903”. Following the confirmation SMS that you will receive after sending your request, your Positive Card and Miles&Smiles memberships will match, which means you can immediately start earning up to 5x fuel points at our stations depending on your status in Miles&Smiles by using your Positive Card for fuel purchases.

Yes, in order to earn up to 5x Positive Points for your fuel purchases at our stations and to spend the points earned at our stations, you must have your Positive Card with you and get it scanned at every transaction.

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