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After registering your license plate to the Petrol Ofisi mobile application, you need to verify your license plate once on the loyalty POS devices in the markets at our stations. If you have done this but still have not earned points, you may not have made your purchase at the Positive Card member station. If this is not one of the reasons, you can contact our Call Center and make the necessary inquiry about your transaction.

You can register both of your license plates simultaneously on the Petrol Ofisi mobile application. You can follow all your transactions with these cards and your total point balance under the My Account tab in our application. After registering your plates, do not forget to perform the verification process through the POS devices in our markets to earn automatic points.

You can update your vehicle information and license plate on our Petrol Ofisi mobile application profile.

A Positive Card is a loyalty card that earns points for fuel and PO/gas purchases from Petrol Ofisi stations. This card can be purchased with the points earned as a gift fuel and POGaz and is matched to the credit cards of Turkey's leading contracted banks and enables easy payment without getting out of the vehicle through the Pay & Go system.

The Positive Card program is valid at approximately 1700 stations with the Positive Card logo.

You can use the Positive Points you earn as 1TL and multiples when buying fuel or autogas in the POS terminals in our shops.

Positive Points earned in campaigns may have different expiration dates. Positive Points earned within a year can be used until March 31 of the following year, and points that have not been used on that date are deleted.

Pay & Go is our service allowing our customers to buy fuel without getting out of the vehicle by matching their Positive Card to the credit card of open to internet transactions. Approximately 1200 Pay & Go stations allow you to get fuel safely without getting out of your vehicle. Your credit card information is stored encrypted in a completely secure environment in a way that Petrol Ofisi cannot reach.

Mobile Pay & Go is a convenience that allows you to buy fuel or gas without getting out of the vehicle at Mobile Pay & Go-eligible Petrol Ofisi stations.

Registering your credit cards for use in Pay & Go or Mobile Pay & Go transactions is safe. To register your credit card through our mobile application, you can do it with the 3D Secure transaction that will be directed to the interface provided by Payten. Then your card information is encrypted and saved by Global PCI DSS standards. Petrol Ofisi employees or dealers cannot access your card information in any way. Mobile Pay & Go transactions are carried out with your 100% 3D Secure password, and you cannot make mobile payments without entering this password sent to your phone by your bank.

After registering your license plate and credit card open to internet transactions on the Petrol Ofisi mobile application, it is enough to tell our sales assistants that you want to make mobile payments by coming to approximately 1200 Pay & Go-member Petrol Ofisi stations throughout Turkey. A confirmation alert will come from the mobile app for the mobile payment transaction. If your license plate is entered at the pump, but no warning is coming, you can check out or approve the transaction by pressing the pending transactions button in the Mobile Pay & Go tab in our mobile application. After confirmation, enter the 3D secure password that your credit card bank will forward to the secure payment page. After that, the fuel-filling process will start if there is enough limit on your credit card. When completed, the amount will be automatically reflected on your card.

You can delete or update your credit card information at any time under the Pay & Go tab in the Petrol Ofisi mobile application.

It is enough to conduct the pairing process once through the Petrol Ofisi Pay & Go tab or Online Transactions mobile application. Click here to make the pairing. Positive Card will transact with the last paired credit card.

Our customers' Positive Card is read to the reader at the pump by the Fuel Sales Officer, and the payment is made instantly from the contracted bank credit card previously paired with the Positive Card.

Information about the expenditure at each fuel purchase will automatically be notified to the customer via SMS. In addition, the transaction details can be followed from the monthly statement of the paired credit card.

The reference code is a particular code entry area that Petrol Ofisi conveys to its customers in its collaborations with Turkey's valuable brands, offering them special advantages and campaigns. After logging in to this area, you can view the campaigns you will be included on our main page.

As soon as you receive your Positive Card, you must activate your card by sending an SMS to 7627 so that you can start earning points. Type ACTIVE, leave a space, and then send the 16-digit Positive Card number, your first and last name, as an SMS to 7627, each with a space between them. For example, the SMS text of a customer named Mehmet Yılmaz, whose card number is 7000-1900-7000-1900 will be as follows: "Active 7000190070001900 Mehmet Yılmaz". You will not earn points if you do not activate your card by sending your information to 7627 as an SMS.

Automatic customers are excluded from the program.

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