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Candidate Experience

Candidate experience is just as important for our recruitment process as employee experience. We pay vigorous attention to the fact that our candidates' application and evaluation process goes smoothly and is simple, as digital as possible, fast, and reliable. Whether it results in a job offer or not, we hope that this process progresses in a way that contributes to the candidate's professional development. We constantly renew and improve our recruitment process in line with the feedback we gather via our surveys.

Open Positions

You can access Petrol Ofisi Group’s career opportunities by clicking the "Open Positions" button below.

Suppose you have an account created in the system before. In that case, you can view our open positions by clicking the "Login" button on the top right of the page opened via the link below and entering your e-mail address and password information. If you do not have a membership yet, you can create an account by clicking the "Open an Account" button and registering your personal information.

After logging into the system, you can access all open positions from the "Job Search" field. You can view the postings by filtering the page by keyword, language, department, and location or by directly clicking the "Search Job" field. When you click on the position you are interested in on the open page, you will come across the details of the relevant position. You can apply for the job listing by clicking the “Apply” button on the advertisement detail page. You can also save job postings separately or send them by e-mail to a friend you think is suitable for the position.

You can edit your current resume and create a new one from the Candidate Profile page. Access future career opportunities by activating the "Job Alerts" section in the "Options" area.

You can view all open positions at Petrol Ofisi with the help of the instructions below, or you can access job postings on and LinkedIn.

Experienced Professionals

Application and Evaluation Process

Application: Our job postings for open positions are published on LinkedIn and You can follow our open positions and apply via these channels.

Evaluation: The entire application and evaluation process begins with the preliminary assessment and extends to the proposal stage. It is a process that includes the recruitment team, position managers, relevant HR business partners, and, in some cases, our higher-level managers. The process after preliminary evaluation may vary depending on the position and may cover all or some of the following steps:

  • Phone Interview
  • Video Call/Online Interview
  • General Talent Test
  • Face-to-Face Interviews
  • Evaluation Center
  • Leadership Potential Evaluation Checklist

Proposal: After completing all evaluation stages, we perform reference checks on our positive candidate. The proposal phase is initiated if the process has progressed positively for both parties. At this stage, our Wages and Benefits team carries out the work related to the proposal and starts our internal approval process. After all, the approvals of the offer, including the details of the role, job description, salary, and fringe benefits, are completed, we initially send our job proposal verbally and in writing.

Getting Started: After our candidate accepts our offer, our bilateral preparation process begins. Our candidate is now our colleague. While our newest family member prepares the documents and papers necessary for the job initiation, we inform them about the start date and the shuttle or transportation method, prepare their work desk and the required equipment and determine the advisor to support them during the orientation process.

Young Talent Program

Development Crucible

The Development Crucible young talent program is a 12-month program aimed at new undergraduates or graduate students, who do not have professional work experience yet, or who are just starting out and have high potential to be candidates for the future Petrol Ofisi Group management staff.

This program is entailed to train future leaders in the light of Petrol Ofisi's deep-scaled knowledge and experience. It offers the opportunity to get to know various departments apart from their current role and to experience process operations together with experts in their fields.

Application and Evaluation Process

What to Expect from This Journey

  • An actual work experience where you will be placed in the most suitable department and role at the beginning of the program,
  • Ability to switch or rotate to a different role or department at the end of the 1st year,
  • Orientation: Familiarizing with the Company and the Industry
  • Business Schools: Getting to Know the Business Functions
  • Business Simulation: Virtual Company Management
  • Mentoring: Experience Transfer and Professional Support Along the Way

Internship Program

  What is the “One Step to the Future Internship Program?”

Petrol Ofisi Group’s One Step to the Future Internship Program aims to provide a long-term and qualified internship experience for 3rd-year college students. Our project-based internship program starts with an orientation and includes many activities such as team meetings, mentor meetings, online and in-class training, and weekly HR meetings. Moreover, the interns’ satisfaction and improvement are regularly measured through monthly feedback surveys.

"One Step to the Future With Petrol Ofisi", one of the most important talent acquisition programs of our agile, flexible, and powerful organization, won the Gold Award in the "Most Unique or Innovative Talent Acquisition Program" and "Best Recruitment Marketing and Employer Brand Program" categories at the Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Awards in 2021.

You can follow our program's application process, conditions, and steps every year between February and April on our LinkedIn page and

Application and Evaluation Process

What to Expect from this Journey

Our interns are prepared for business life as conscious individuals responsible for their careers. Additionally, they get the closest experience to reality to contribute to our general business process with their innovative perspectives.

The steps that wait for you on this journey are as follows;

Welcoming:  Welcome meeting and orientation program is completed. Welcome packs and IT equipment are shared.

Project Appointments: As of the first business day, innovative, real, and pre-determined projects are assigned following the company strategies.

Manager and Mentor Support:  Managers monitor your performance and development, and mentors support your personal and career progress.

Orientation:  The organization's value chain and culture are shared with the orientation program.

Training:  Various technical skills and personal development training assignments are prepared with specific content throughout the program, and weekly training completion rates are monitored.

HR Meetings: We conduct regular HR meetings that aim to focus on continuous improvements with incoming questions and feedback.

Project Presentations:  At the end of the program, the projects that our interns worked on during this 3-month journey and reached the final stage are presented to the senior management and receive one-to-one feedback.

Career Fields (Departments)


Sales and Investment

As one of Turkey's most widespread retail organizations, Petrol Ofisi Group maintains its sales activities through a giant sales network consisting of more than 1,800 fuel stations. Petrol Ofisi is the leading fuel distribution company with the largest number of stations in the Turkish market where more than 12,500 stations operate.

Fleet Sales - Automatic

This is the Fleet Management System which -through our cutting-edge automation infrastructure- ensures 100% control of the fuel consumption of fleet vehicles within desired limits at Petrol Ofisi stations, Turkey's most widespread network of stations, with no payment.

PO Gaz

Having acquired its LPG distribution license in 2006, Petrol Ofisi provides its customers with quality fuel and services above the European Union Standards at more than 1350 sales points under the brand name PO/Gaz. It sells more than 3 million tons of autogas annually, which is consumed by more than 4.7 million vehicles.

Commercial and Industrial Sales

Public Sales

Our Public Sales unit participates in the diesel, heating oil, and fuel oil purchase tenders of the institutions holding Eligible User Licenses and organizes tenders in accordance with the Public Procurement Law No. 4734 and Public Procurement Contracts Law No. 4735. Furthermore, we have dealership agreements in place with Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, who serve our farmers all around Turkey with 17 Regional Unions, 1418 Village Pumps, and 156 sales tankers for agricultural use. With its widespread network of terminals and broad experience, Petrol Ofisi continues to meet the fuel demands of public institutions in a timely and reliable manner.


We maintain our traditional leadership in the commercial industrial market due to the Fuel Market Sector Report by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority with our network of 11 terminals spread across Turkey, a fuel storage capacity of 1,500,000 m3, and a large wholesale fuel dealer network in Petrol Ofisi Fuel Wholesale Service.As we continue this rise, we keep being the energy of Turkey's biggest projects. From subway to airport projects, from highways to bridges, we provide the energy needed for plans of many different scales that play a role in the development of our country. We, as Petrol Ofisi Fuel Wholesales, meet the demands of all sectors that need bulk fuel, especially construction, logistics, mining, energy, and industrial uses, with our wide product range of diesel, gasoline, kerosene, fuel, kalyak and bitumen products. We continue to respond to the ever-changing customer needs with our innovative structure.

Aviation Operations PO Air

Petrol Ofisi, which has been operating in the aviation sector since 1941, as a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), delivers more than 1.400.000 tons of aviation fuel annually at over 70 airports both domestically and internationally, adhering to International Aviation Standards and high SEÇ-G standards with a zero-error and zero-delay principle for over 250 domestic and foreign airlines. With its extensive terminal network, high capacity, robust supply-logistics infrastructure, and skilled workforce, Petrol Ofisi offers competitive commercial conditions. It is the sole company providing Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) – produced from environmentally friendly and sustainable sources with low carbon emissions – at multiple airports, in line with a strong environmental consciousness.

Marine Operations PO Marine

Petrol Ofisi operates in the maritime sector with the brand POMARINE. POMARINE is the only company in the maritime sector that can provide transit, duty-free, and customs-cleared fuels and marine lubricants services combined. It has 7 marine terminals and 1 floating station positioned along the entire coastline of Turkey. With its product variety, logistics capacity, and market effectiveness, PO/Marine is a significant supplier of ship fuels in the Eastern Mediterranean.


Lubricant Sales

Distribution and retail sales of Petrol Ofisi Group Lubricants are carried out substantially through the company's nationwide fuel stations and 30 distributor companies. Petrol Ofisi Group Lubricants, which are directly sold by Petrol Ofisi to public and private sector organizations and authorized automotive services, are exported to 33 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America along with the Turkish market where they maintain the leading position.

Lubricant Manufacturing - Derince Lubricant Factory

With a total production capacity of 150.272 tons per year and raw material storage capacity of 65.000 tons, Kocaeli Derince Lubricant Factory is Turkey's largest lubricant manufacturing and filling facility. The factory, established on a total area of 150.000 m², 60.000 m² of which is indoor, produces automotive oils, industrial oils, antifreeze agents, hydraulic brake oils, and greases offered by Petrol Ofisi Group to the market.

Technical Services

Petrol Ofisi Group Laboratory Analysis Services (POLA) performs lubricant analysis particularly for industrial customers, logistics companies, and the marine industry. This service enables customers to access oil analysis results on the internet and is utilized by more and more customers every year. Moreover, our "Diagnostic Services" provides on-site support to customers, where the problems faced by the users are analyzed by Petrol Ofisi Group's expert staff of engineers. Our teams promptly intervene the problem with special vehicles equipped with the necessary equipment.

Petrol Ofisi Technology Center - POTEM

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, staffed with qualified personnel, and situated in an indoor area of 1,200 m², Petrol Ofisi Technology Center (POTEM) is the leading-edge technology lab of Turkey and its nearby geography in its field. Petrol Ofisi attaches great importance to the compliance of its products with the expectations and standards of vehicle and engine manufacturers. In POTEM, Petrol Ofisi Group conducts its R&D studies incessantly and strives to develop new products in light of the state-of-the-art technological developments.

Supply and Logistics

Supply and Logistics Operations

Petrol Ofisi Group purchases the fuels it sells domestically from Tüpraş and other distribution companies; and abroad from Russia, Greece, Bulgaria, Malta, Egypt, Israel, Italy, Spain, Libya, India, Portugal, Romania, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Turkmenistan.

Terminals and Storage Operations

Petrol Ofisi has a storage capacity of about 1,000,000 cubic meters distributed across 8 fuel and 1 LPG terminals in various regions of Turkey. This corresponds to about 20% of the total fuel storage capacity in Turkey. These terminals are generally replenished from the sea, by fuel-oil and LPG ship tankers. Also, replenishment and delivery are conducted through pipelines and by railway wagons as well.

Transportation Operations

Within the product supply chain of Petrol Ofisi Group, products are transported via Road Transport, Railway Transport, and Sea Transport with a fleet of 5 ships.


The main objective of the Marketing Department is to maintain the development of our brands in a healthy manner by improving the customer experience, establishing a strong bond with customers and creating loyal customers.

With the work of our Customer Experience, Insight and Business Analytics and Brand Marketing units under the Marketing Department, we aim to improve the end-to-end experience of our fuel, autogas and lubricants brands with customers, to produce solutions in line with customers' needs and expectations, and thus to increase brand health and market share.

Corporate Identity and Brand Management

Our corporate logo, the Wolf's Head, symbolizes Petrol Ofisi's confident progression towards the future, drawing strength from its rich heritage. With a mission to be the lifeblood of development, Petrol Ofisi continues its efforts to be prepared from today for tomorrow.

End-to-End Customer Experience

  • Customer Experience Design : Developing end-to-end improvement projects, measuring and improving the experience in the customer's journey with the Petrol Ofisi brand, starting from digital and continuing in the physical world.
  • Customer Loyalty Programs: Positive Card Loyalty Program
  • Digital channels : Petrol Ofisi Mobile application, Petrol Ofisi corporate website
  • Collaborations: Bank Collaborations, corporate collaborations with other industry-leading retailers
  • Trade Marketing: Design, production and distribution of communication activities and uniforms at Petrol Ofisi stations
  • Customer Satisfaction: Receiving and responding to all requests, thanks and complaints from customer communication channels such as Call Center, website, whatsapp line
  • Sponsorships: Fenerbahçe Petrol Ofisi Women's Football Team, Galatasaray Petrol Ofisi Women's Football Team, Anadolu Efes Sports Club, Petrol Ofisi Maxima Turkish Rally Championship
  • Cooperation with Automotive Manufacturers and NGOs: Isuzu, Kia, Karsan, MAN, Mitsubishi, Erkunt, Hidromek, Automotive Authorized Dealers Association

Other Business Units/Support Functions

In addition to all these, we maintain our position as the Pioneer of Development with countless other functions and units.

Human Resources

  • Training and Development

  • HR Solutions

  • Talent Management

  • HR Business Partnerships

  • Administrative Affairs


  • Financial Reporting, Budget

  • Procurement

Health, Safety, Security, Environment & Quality (HSSEQ)

  • Quality

  • HSSE

Digital Transformation

  • Automation

One of the distinctive features that make Petrol Ofisi Group the leader of the fuel industry is its utilization of technology. Our integrated automation system monitors tanks and pumps at each station in real-time and submits fuel flow and analysis results, all of which can be centrally monitored, in instant/daily/monthly reports to the EMRA (Energy Market Regulatory Authority).

Internal Audit

Strategy and Business Development

Tips for Candidates

Tips for our Meeting

Conduct a Company and Sector Research: It would be useful to research our company on our website and social media channels before coming to the interview. In addition, if you are from a different industry, browsing industry publications and getting information about the initiative will also make our discussion more productive and help you make a more accurate business decision.

Take Note of Your Questions in Advance: You can take notes of the questions that come to mind while preparing for the interview and ask them to the recruiter or the relevant manager during the interview. It would help if you didn’t have any question marks in your mind when making an important decision about your career.

Plan the Timing: The process needs to proceed properly so that you are at the meeting place at the time communicated for the interview. Suppose something goes wrong or there is an undesirable change in your plans. In that case, you should report the delay or cancellation information to the recruiter dealing with the position as soon as possible.

Relax: High anxiety and stress prevent real potential from being released. To avoid being overly stressed for your interview, you can take time for small breathing exercises to relax. Being comfortable will help us get to know the real you and will allow you to express yourself more accurately.

FAQ for Experienced Professionals

You can follow our open positions on LinkedIn and and apply. Within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law, sharing CVs via different channels is not accepted.

We no longer post general job applications or accept resumes via e-mail. You must follow our job postings to apply for a position that you think is suitable.

We will get back to you on the relevant career portal when we receive your application. If you pass the pre-assessment process, our recruitment team will contact you by phone and e-mail for the next steps. In continuation of the process, our HR department will provide the necessary information flow. When the process is over, a notification e-mail is sent to all candidates who apply positively or negatively.

While industry experience is important and necessary for some of our positions, it may be optional. We focus on skill and potential rather than knowledge, and all criteria deemed essential for our jobs are stated in our job listings.

The years of experience required for all our jobs are indicated in our listings. You can check the eligibility status of the position you want to apply for from the “year of experience” section. In addition, new graduate candidates can apply for our long-term internship program as well.

Since our organization and field of activity are quite wide, we recruit from all departments of universities. We definitely state this criterion in our job listings if we have a role requiring a specific academic education.

Like all other criteria deemed necessary for our positions, the minimum graduation degree is also stated in our listings. For example, we employ high school graduates for some of our positions in the operations departments.

Completion of military service is preferred in our recruitment, but it is also sufficient to postpone it for at least two years.

You can find the information about protecting the data you shared in the text below.

FAQ for Young Talent Program

Yes, we are looking for applicants living in Istanbul during and after the program.

Yes, the program is open to newly graduated candidates and candidates with short-term work experience.

Yes, our program is open to applications from graduate students.

This program is suitable for graduates only. When you start the program, you must share your graduation certificate with us in the employment documents.

At Petrol Ofisi Group, we care about the analytical and systematic perspectives of engineering students and graduates and see them as valuable in every field within Petrol Ofisi. For this reason, we have many engineering graduates and employees in different areas.

First, we determine the quota of young talents to be placed in various departments based on the request coming from our business units. Then we focus on the competencies these young talents should have in order to work in the related departments. You can specify the field you want to work in during the selection & placement process, and your preferences will be included in our evaluation approach.

We announce the opening dates of our program on various social media channels, and you can apply through the recruitment platforms determined on these dates.

As Petrol Ofisi Human Resources, we inform our candidates at every stage via e-mail throughout the process. At the same time, you can get more information on the process by following us on our LinkedIn account.

FAQ for the Internship Program

Our program, which has continued online due to the pandemic these past years, will be planned either hybrid or completely online, depending on the project's needs. If the internship is scheduled online, living in Istanbul is not obligatory for the duration of the program.

Our internship program is carried out within the scope of voluntary training, but you can also use your compulsory internship during this 3-month voluntary internship period – if your school approves.

Your internship projects are real projects planned and created by the relevant business units to develop current or future business processes or create new ones.

During the 3-month internship, your period may be extended depending on your success in the project and internship period. In addition, if you apply to our young talent program's Development Crucible when you graduate, your application will be considered a priority, and you will be exempted from the first selection and placement steps. You can be directly involved in the process from the Evaluation Center stage.

First, we determine the quota of our interns that we will place in these areas upon the project demands from our business units. Then, an evaluation is made of the competencies required of the talents to gain experience in these fields. While you are in the selection & placement process, you specify the area you want to work in, and you are placed according to this preference.

Yes, you can find the opportunity to intern in different departments at Petrol Ofisi, depending on the project's expectations.

We announce the opening dates of our program on various social media channels, and you can apply through the recruitment platforms determined on these dates.

As Petrol Ofisi Group Human Resources, we inform our candidates at every stage via e-mail throughout the process. At the same time, you can access the procedures by following us on our LinkedIn account.


As PETROL OFİSİ GROUP Inc., we attach great importance to the privacy and security of personal data shared by our customers with our Company. Your data can be collected and processed within the framework of fulfilling legal obligations, delivering the service to you, fulfilling contractual obligations, or providing our Company's services related to Positive Card and similar loyalty programs to our customers. We want to inform you about Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data ("Law"), which aims to protect privacy, fundamental personal rights, freedoms, and personal data from the Constitution and other laws.

1. Definition of Personal Data

Personal data can be defined as any information suitable for identifying individuals. In this context, a familial, social, and economic report of the person, such as identity information, address, telephone, and license plate information, is also like personal data.

2. Purpose and Data Controller

Our Company may process your data through the service providers it appoints to provide you with services related to Positive Card and similar loyalty programs, to inform you about campaigns and other services, to improve the marketing activities of the Company, to increase customer satisfaction, and to protect service security and quality.

3. Obtaining Personal Data

Your data is collected in written, oral or electronic form through channels such as our Company, affiliates, dealers, or solution partners with whom we have contractual relations following the provisions of the Law.

4. Processing of Personal Data

Personal data obtained; Within the scope of providing products and services by our Company, developing the products and services offered by our Company, privatizing them in line with tastes and needs, and realizing the purposes of determining and implementing our Company's business strategies; It can be processed in line with the goals and limits specified in the Law. Personal data processed by our Company are used only for processing purposes and are kept for the required period.

5. Retention of Personal Data, To Whom and For What Purpose the Processed Personal Data Can Be Transferred

Our Company can transfer your processed personal data to our main shareholders and group companies, our domestic/foreign subsidiaries, or our solution partners with contractual relations only in line with the purposes and limits specified in the Law for purposes such as providing products and services, developing the products and services offered, creating business strategies and conducting commercial activities in line with the demands. In the transfer of personal data, the explicit consent of the individual data owner is sought without prejudice to the exceptions arising from the Law, and data without the explicit consent of the personal data owner are not transferred.

6. Deletion, Destruction, or Anonymization of Your Personal Data

Your data, processed in line with the purposes specified in the 3rd section of the Information Text, is deleted, restricted, destroyed, or anonymized by our Company when the purpose of processing personal data ceases and, in any case, after the storage periods determined by the relevant legislation are completed.

7. Rights of Personal Data Owner

In the Law, the rights of personal data owners are summarized as follows: Learning whether personal data is processed.

  • If personal data has been processed, requesting information about it,  Learning the purpose of processing data and whether they are used following the purpose

  • Knowing the third parties to whom personal data is transferred in the country or abroad

  • Requesting correction of personal data in case of incomplete or incorrect processing and requesting notification of the transaction made within this scope to third parties to whom personal data has been transferred.

  • Requesting the deletion or destruction of personal data if the reasons requiring its processing have disappeared, although it has been processed by the provisions of the Law and other relevant legislation, and requesting the notification of the transaction made within this scope to the third parties to whom the personal data has been transferred

  • Objecting to the emergence of a result against the person himself by analyzing the processed data exclusively through automated systems,

  • Requesting compensation for the damage in case of damage due to the unlawful processing of personal data

8. Contact

You can send your request regarding the exercise of your rights specified in the Law to our Company in writing or by other methods determined by the Personal Data Protection Board. Required contact information for your applications:

Petrol Ofisi Group A.Ş. General Directorate, Ünalan, Libadiye Cad. No: 82-F 34700 Üsküdar/ Istanbul 

Phone: +90 216 275 30 00, E-Mail: CRS No: 0729-0015-0430-0023

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