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Lubricants, which are produced by refining crude oil, are offered for use to meet many different needs. You can find these products, which you can choose for both your passenger car and motorcycle, on our page with their varieties. By examining each of the Passenger Car, Motorcycle, Marine, Heavy Commercial Vehicle, Transmission and Differential, Industrial, Grease and Special Products categories, you can see the lubricant types you need and get detailed information about all of them. All these products have the same base; however, they are distinguished by certain differences. The first of these is the difference in the base oil chemicals used in production, and the other is the type and amount of additives. In addition, the PO lubricants listed on our page are also classified as mineral-based and synthetic. You can easily see what lubricants are by reviewing the headings below.

Passenger Car and Motorcycle Oils

As the name suggests, passenger car and motorcycle oils include lubricants you can use for both your passenger car and your motorcycle. Passenger car lubricants with varieties such as Maxima Hybrid 0W, Maxima 0W, Maxima PG 0W, Maxima 0W-30, Maxima CX 0W-30, Maxima 5W-20, Maxima M 5W-30, Maxima PRO 5W-30, and Maxima AUTO LPG 5W-30 are designed in accordance with current exhaust emission regulations for state-of-the-art passenger car and light commercial vehicle engines. These oils, which are among the low-ash and fully synthetic types, can be used in a wide range of applications. It is possible to use these lubricants in new generation hybrid technology vehicles, light commercial vehicles with gasoline or diesel engines, passenger cars and light commercial vehicles with LPG fuel conversion with new generation engines, vehicles with factory-fitted LPG fuel systems, and many other different vehicles. Motorcycle oils can be found here under the name Maximoto. Offering various features to the user, these products are also developed with synthetic technology. Providing superior protection and performance to your engine, motorcycle oils can be used safely in all seasons on air- or water-cooled motorcycles, including motorcycles with catalytic converters. You can choose the most suitable lubricant for your engine by following up the motorcycle oil change times.

Transmission and Differential Oils

The transmission oils offered on our page are used for many different types of transmissions. For example, ATF CVT is produced for use in transmissions suitable for CVT type automatic transmissions operating with belt and chain drive method. This oil, which helps you ensure smooth driving comfort, safe driving, long equipment life, extended service intervals and high gasket-seal compatibility with its improved friction regulator feature, can be used in many different applications from Chrysler Jeep NS-2 to Mitsubishi CVTF-J1. In addition, ATF DCT is a type developed to meet the needs of wet DCT type transmissions. This oil is used in many applications in Audi, BMW, Citroën, Ford, and Mercedes-Benz vehicles, which allows you to achieve longer equipment and service life with maximum anti-wear properties. You can also take a look at differential oils on this page.

Industrial Oils and Specialty Products

Petrol Ofisi offers twelve classes of industrial oils, including metal working fluids, heat transfer oils, mold oils, textile oils, compressor oils, hydraulic system oils, turbine and circulation oils, transformer oils, rolling bearing oils, air tool oils, and slideway oils. It is possible to choose the type that best meets your needs among the industrial oils in all these categories. For example, if you are looking for a quality compressor oil, you can take a look at the products in the Compressor Oil SP series on our page. These products included in synthetic compressor oils are developed to work smoothly in screw and crawler type compressors. These oils, which provide successful results in the lubrication and cooling of these compressors, ensure that the compressors operate without loss of performance throughout their lifetime.