100% Guarenteed Fuel Safety System!
100% Guarenteed Fuel Safety System!

Uninterrupted supply to autogas consumers with over 400,000 tons of imports per year

With our LPG distributor license acquired in 2006, we at Petrol Ofisi offer our customers quality fuel and service above European Union Standards from more than 1500 sales points under the POGaz brand.

A brand recommended by 9 out of 10 users.

POGaz is among the companies with the highest market share in the Turkish autogas market and is among the most preferred brands in Turkey. Thus, according to the research results conducted by independent organizations, 9 out of 10 people using POGaz recommend it.

Consumers using POGaz receive high-quality products in the right amount consistently, thanks to regular pump measurements and product quality analyses. These are the issues that POGaz is most sensitive about and are guaranteed by Petrol Ofisi.

High-Product Quality

Quality in product and service process Full control, maximum safety

POGaz branded autogas is offered for sale following the European autogas standard TS EN589 for the safety and security of consumers. In addition, LPG systems at stations are installed and inspected following TS 11939, TS 1446, and TS 1449 standards and relevant technical and legal regulations. Petrol Ofisi guarantees POGaz's high product quality and secure station infrastructure.

With the automation systems installed at each station, we carry out controls to maintain quality 24/7, from monitoring the tankers on the road to gas filling in the stations, from the pumper to the vehicle's license plate number and the tank levels of the dealers. In addition, we ensure that the product quality of POGaz is always at a superior level, with alarm systems that warn at critical points and immediate interventions and stops in case of a possible mishap.

Widespread Station Network

Widespread station network with over 1500 sales points

As Turkey's leading fuel distribution company Petrol Ofisi Group, we offer POGaz for sale at more than 1500 stations throughout the country. We also serve a station network that is easily accessible to our consumers.

Full Value for Your Money

100% guarantee that the correct amount of product is filled into your vehicle

Our POGaz stations, which do not compromise quality, serve our customers with the understanding of "complete filling." Pump measurements are checked at regular intervals, and we intervene in case of errors. We ensure that high-quality product is delivered in the correct quantity. You will get the full value of your money from POGaz service points. POGaz gives a 100% guarantee on filling your tank correctly.

Why Autogas?

Annual sales volume of over 3 million tons  More than 4.7 million vehicles

LPG, used as automotive fuel, is called autogas in our country. Autogas is the most preferred fuel due to its widespread station network, high performance, saving opportunities compared to gasoline, safety, and environmentally-friendly structure. 40% of passenger cars in Turkey use autogas, and more than 3 million tons of autogas are sold annually.

Advantages of Using LPG in a Vehicle

  • It provides significant savings compared to gasoline usage and is more economical. 
  • It significantly reduces exhaust emission values. It is nature-friendly, quieter, and more comfortable for users due to its less vibrating motor feature. 
  • Less soot and less wear occur due to its natural cleaning, while the engine's life is extended, and service intervals are increased. 
  • Due to dual fuel (Gasoline and LPG), it has a high driving range. 
  • As a result of better mixing with air, much more efficient combustion occurs. It provides both longer engine life and high performance. 
  • LPG, a cleaner fuel than gasoline, provides better combustion due to its high combustion characteristics and does not form soot in the engine. 
  • Since the octane number is higher than gasoline, the engine knock rate is also lower, positively affecting engine life. 
  • In the event of a fire, the fire resistance period of the LPG tank is much longer than other fuel tanks.

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