Fuels Frequently Asked Questions

Over time, soot accumulated in the engine clogs the injectors, reduces the vehicle's efficiency, and increases fuel consumption. Petrol Ofisi fuels renewed with the Active-3 technology are purposely designed to provide maximum efficiency. Thanks to the smart molecules within the formula, the Active-3 technology;

  • Clears the soot blocking engine parts,
  • Protects the engine from the first tank-filling,
  • Reduces fuel consumption

The Active-3 technology is used in all of our V/Max Diesel, V/Pro Diesel, and V/Max Unleaded 95 fuels.

  • V/Max Diesel with Active-3 technology cleans the engine up to 100% in a single tank, protects the engine from the first filling, and saves up to 5% on fuel.
  • Active -3 technology cleans V/Pro Diesel engine up to 99%, protects it from the first filling, and provides fuel savings of up to 2.6%
  • V/Max Unleaded 95 Petrol with Active-3 technology cleans the engine, protects the engine from the first tank-filling, and saves up to 5%.

Since mileage savings may vary depending on the vehicle and engine, we, as Petrol Ofisi, take the liter criterion as a basis. Our V/Max Diesel and V/Max Unleaded 95 fuels reduces fuel consumption up to 5 liters per 100 liters, while V/Pro Diesel saves up to 2.6 liters per 100 liters.

Our cleaning, protection, and saving statements are valid and tested in independent laboratories approved by ITU. You can find detailed information about our gasoline product features from the following link on our website:


Our V/Max Unleaded 95 Gasoline product with Active-3 technology;

  • Saves up to %5 of fuel,
  • Provides superior cleaning, thus preventing residues that form on the engine parts where the fuel passes,
  • Provides protection as of the first tank.

Diesel fuel comes from the refinery as a single product. We, as Petrol Ofisi, differentiate the diesel fuel as two separate products with the names V/Max Diesel and V/Pro Diesel with the additives we include to the diesel fuel. There is no difference in quality in both of our products, but there are some differences in the benefits they provide.

The name "ProDizel" was changed to "V/Pro Diesel" with our Active-3 technology additive. Our new product, V/Pro Diesel, provides superior benefits compared to ProDizel. You can find detailed information about our products on our website.


The name Prodizel was changed to V/Pro, which means "efficiency for professionals."

Both of our diesel fuels can be used in both passenger cars and heavy vehicles. They both clean and protect the engine and save on fuel. The differences between these two fuels can be listed as follows:

V/Pro Diesel;

  • By cleaning the engine up to 99%, it eliminates the irregular combustion caused by pollution and provides full and efficient ignition.
  • Protects the engine from the first tank-filling,
  • Provides 2.6 % fuel economy.

V/Max Diesel;

  • By cleaning the engine up to 100% in a single tank, it eliminates the irregular combustion caused by pollution and provides full and efficient ignition.
  • Provides up to 5% fuel economy.
  • Recovers up to 100% power loss during pure fuel consumption.

V/Max fuels maximize the efficiency of your engine and enable them to provide full performance.

V/Pro means efficiency for professionals.

V/Pro Diesel is suitable for both passenger cars and light and heavy commercial vehicles.

  • All our fuels comply with TS EN standards, technical specifications determined by the EMRA, and specification values determined by Tüpraş.
  • The products sold at our stations are put on the market only after being double-tested in independently accredited laboratories and checked for compliance with TS EN standards.
  • Products sold at our stations are periodically sampled by our teams and are checked in independently accredited laboratories.
  • Our Active-3 technology fuels have been tested by the independent international laboratory Intertek and approved by ITU.

As Petrol Ofisi, we regularly check the Turkish vehicle park engine distribution and develop our products to meet the market's needs. As a result, you can safely use our fuels regardless of your vehicle or engine type.

Our Active-3 technology fuels have been developed to protect all engine parts. They clean your engine, protect it from the first filling, prevent the formation of new soot, and provide fuel savings.

The Active-3 technology has been tested in independent laboratories and approved by ITU.

Active-3 technology-based fuels include an anti-foaming additive. This way, fueling at the stations is completed in a shorter amount of time.

The maximum temperature of the diesel fuel sold in the Turkish market is -15°C in winter.

No. All of the products sold at the stations already contain additives, and it is not possible to buy the formula developed for the Active-3 technology separately as a packaged additive.

Yes, and from all points of view. While providing fuel economy, this product cleans your engine, prevents new soot formation, protects the engine, and ensures that it operates with full efficiency. It also helps reduce the maintenance costs of your vehicle.

The vehicle's performance may vary according to the conditions mentioned above. Our Active-3 technology fuels are already developed for these harsh conditions, and the real road tests serve as the best proof.

As Petrol Ofisi, we ensure that our products contain all the additives you may need. Additional products may affect the performance you receive from Petrol Ofisi products. We offer a quality guarantee for all our products; these extra additives may invalidate this warranty. In order to obtain maximum benefit and performance from Petrol Ofisi products, we recommend you use our fuels and our Maxima and Maximus engine oils.

Only our new Active-3 technology-based fuels are at all of our stations as of now. Therefore, you should not encounter any problems during fuel transitions.

Our product reduces emissions and protects the environment, thus providing fuel economy.

The fuel you use is defined on your license plate. Therefore, thanks to the automation system, your tank will be filled with the correct fuel type. Currently, all our stations sell our new Active-3 technology fuels to all vehicles.

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