How to Become a Member

Petrol Ofisi Group mobile app users can quickly become a Positive Card loyalty program member by completing the designated membership steps and earn Positive Points from their fuel and autogas purchases without having to carry a card with them. All they need to do is to register their license plates during membership and match the registered mobile phone number with the license plate number via the mobile app at the POS stations located in Petrol Ofisi shops during their initial fuel purchase. Besides, it is possible to join the loyalty program via the Online Transactions feature or by following the directions on the back of the Positive Card gained at Petrol Ofisi Group Stations and sending an SMS to 7627.

Scan QR and download the Mobile App!

You can easily access the campaigns designed specifically out of consideration for the shopping habits, shopping frequencies, and expenditures of the loyalty program members with a single click on Petrol Ofisi Group Mobile. Petrol Ofisi mobile users can easily access the campaign details and track their spendings and earnings via the Petrol Ofisi Mobile Account Tab or under the Online Transactions section.

Mobile users can also view the gas station closest to them, filter them depending on the products and services they offer, and get directions to the station in question.

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