Turkey's most extensive retail network
Turkey's most extensive retail network

We are Turkey's leading fuel distribution and lubricant company with more than 1900 fuel stations, 1 lubricant factory, 8 fuel oil, 1 LPG filling terminal, 20 airport supply units, and a storage capacity exceeding approximately 1 million cubic meters.

We aim to turn this process into a pleasant, fast, and practical experience and meet the fuel needs of consumers safely, with a service approach that focuses on customer satisfaction and our high-quality products.

We are the fuel company with the most extensive retail sales network in Turkey, with our vast network covering all 81 provinces and approximately 700 districts.

We not only offer fuel and lubricant products to our customers but offer solutions to meet the different needs that may arise during the journey with our more than 1900 stations across the country. In this context, we work to make travel more comfortable by constantly expanding the range of services we offer to our customers by including specialty and well-known brands in the retail field at certain stations.

With two different market categories, Market and MarketPlus, we create clean and relaxing spaces at stations where our customers can meet their personal and vehicle needs, as well as safe and quality shopping.

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