V/Pro with Active-3 Technology

V/Pro with Active-3 Technology
V/Pro with Active-3 Technology
Cleans the soot in the engine

It cleans the engine in a single tank, eliminates irregular combustion caused by pollution, and provides complete and efficient combustion.

Protects from the first tank.

It protects the engine by preventing the formation of new soot in its components from the first use. Thanks to the engine remaining clean, the engine power increases.

Reduces fuel consumption

Thanks to the fully efficient motor, it saves money.

Protects against freezing

It prevents the paraffin inside from crystallizing and blocks the clogging of the filters.

Protects against corrosion

With corrosion inhibitor and demulsifier, it provides complete protection against corrosion by preventing the formation of rust residues that may damage the engine. Thus, it offers a long-lasting fuel system and engine power.

Is Eco-friendly

The detergent effect added will detach the dirt from the engine at a micro level. Thanks to that, a lower emission release is present than the additive-free fuels.

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