We Introduce New Fuels with Active-3 Technology

Petrol Ofisi Group, the leader in fuel distribution in Turkey, has developed fuels with Active-3 technology. This advanced technology is used in both gasoline and diesel fuel.

POTEM, the most extensive fuel and lubricant tech center in Turkey, and AFTON, the most potent supplier of the international energy industry, have collaborated to develop the Active-3 technology. It has been tested by independent international laboratories, while Istanbul Technical University (ITU) has inspected the process and approved the results.

Cleanses and Protects The Engine.

With time, dirt piles up in the engine and blocks the injectors, decreasing the engine’s productivity and increasing lubricant consumption. The detergent effect of Active-3 technology cleanses the dirt in critical engine parts. With regular use, it protects the engine by preventing the formation of dirt.

Reduces Fuel Consumption

You will get the most out of your vehicle after the engine is cleansed so that it will use less fuel.

All of our products, V/Max Diesel, V/Max Kurşunsuz 95 Benzin, and V/Pro Diesel, use the Active-3 Technology.

Thanks to the formula and the molecules of Active-3 technology, it,

  • Cleanses the dirt blocking the engine,
  • Starts to protect from the first tank,
  • Reduces fuel consumption.
Can be used in all types of vehicles.

Our V / Max Kurşunsuz 95, V / Max Diesel, and V / Pro Diesel fuels are suitable for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, heavy vehicles, and motorcycles.

Regardless of the vehicle’s age.

V/Max Diesel, V/Max Unleaded 95, and V/Pro Diesel can be whether the vehicle is old or new.

Tested against base fuel.

Our fuels with Active-3 technology have been tested by using base fuels. The effects of Active-3 technology products may vary according to the type, age, vehicle condition, and other outside factors.

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