Mobile Pay&Go

With Petrol Ofisi Group Mobile, it is now easier than ever to make payments without having to get out of your vehicle!

Thanks to the renewed Petrol Ofisi Group mobile application, you can pay via mobile easily and safely at our approximately 1200 Mobile Pay & Go-eligible stations by securely saving your credit card details to the app.

Simply follow these steps:

Download the Petrol Ofisi Group mobile application and register as a new member.

Under the Pay & Go tab, securely register your license plate from which you would like to make mobile payments and your credit card open to online shopping.

Make sure that your mobile app’s notifications are turned on.

When you visit our station, tell our fuel sales representative that you would like to make your payment via mobile.

Click on the message sent to your mobile phone or open the Pay & Go page of your mobile app in order to confirm your payment.

Pay for your fuel without getting out of your car and without contact!

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