Marine Sales

Marine Sales: PO/Marine
Marine Sales: PO/Marine

We are the only company in Turkey that can offer all bunker types and services together to the marine industry.

As PO/Marine, we provide uninterrupted and fast service in the Istanbul Region, thanks to its Derince Terminal located in the Marmara Region, where maritime traffic is the busiest. In addition to providing fuel to ships from all ports of Turkey, we also refuel foreign ships using the Bosporus for transit. With our product variety, logistics capacity, and market efficiency, we are an essential ship fuel supplier in the Eastern Mediterranean.

We aim to make a difference in the maritime sector with PO/Marine, as we do in land and air transportation, and work to help you reach your destination faster and more safely. With seven marine terminals and one floating station located along the entire coastline of Turkey from Hopa to Iskenderun, we are the only brand that can refuel in all Turkish seas.

PO/Marine in a Nutshell

  • 7 marine terminals and 1 floating station positioned along the entire Turkish coastline
  • In bonded sales, the largest dealer and delivery network and 5 marine stations spread across the country's coastline
  • Replenishment of vessels in 60 different countries
  • Replenishment to more than 34,000 ships in the domestic market, more than 2,700 ships in the transit market, and more than 2,500 ships in the lubricants market every year
  • Over 600,000 tons of replenishment annually with 15 barges in transit and local markets
  • Replenishment to the most prestigious public and private companies in Turkey
  • Business partner of Chevron in marine lubricants in Turkey and a lubricants plant with a production capacity of 140,000 tons/year
  • An expert and a qualified team consisting of insiders from the maritime industry
  • Fuel and lubricants certified by international standards
  • Rigorous quality control procedures in 3 stages
  • Lubricants laboratory accredited by 75 different TURKAK tests

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