Marine Sales

Marine Sales: PO/Marine
Marine Sales: PO/Marine

Since the company's foundation in 1941, Petrol Ofisi, as Türkiye’s leading fuel company have propelled the marine industry forward. Thanks to our knowledge and experience gained over many decades in the industry, our strong infrastructure, customer-oriented approach and our ability to become a solution partner in all areas, we effectively meet the demands of marine industry. By prioritizing people and safety procedures, we provide bunkering services on a 24/7 basis without excise tax to diverse range of customers in Türkiye and worldwide, adhering to ISO standard 8217:2017. While expanding our presence on international platforms, here at PO/Marine, we meet the requirements of our customers at ports worldwide through our reliable supplier network.

We provide uninterrupted and fast service to Istanbul Region through our Derince Terminal in the Marmara Region which is a highly frequented spot for vessels. In addition to supplying fuel to local ships at all ports across Türkiye, we also provide bunkering service to foreign ships transiting the Bosphorus. PO/Marine stands out as the leading bunker fuel supplier in the Eastern Mediterranean as a result of having wide range of products, logistic capacity and market efficiency.

We create a difference in the marine industry with PO/Marine, just as we do in land and air transportation and work to ensure that you arrive at your destination faster and more safely. With seven marine terminals and one floating station located along the entire coastline of Türkiye from Blacksea to Mediterranean Sea, we are the only brand that can supply bunker in all Turkish seas.

PO/Marine in a Nutshell

  • 7 marine terminals positioned along the entire Turkish coastline
  • In bonded sales, the largest dealer and delivery network and 8 marina stations spreading along the country's coastline
  • Offering bunkering services in 60 different countries
  • Bunkering to more than 6,000 vessels in the domestic market, more than 3,600 vessels in the transit market and more than 2,500 vessels in the lubricants market annually
  • Annual supply of over 1,000,000 tons of bunker fuel, facilitated by 18 barges in transit and the domestic market.
  • Supplying fuel to the most prestigious public and private companies in Türkiye
  • Certified fuel and mineral oils to conform to international standards
  • Precision quality control procedures conducted in 3 stages.
  • Bunkering operations conducted under the supervision of independent surveyors and our own observers

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