Bor Yağı

Bor Yağı

Bor Yağı

It is a multi purpose metal cutting uid used as a solution, prepared by being added into water in 5-10% for machining (cutting and grinding) operations.


It is suitable to use as lubricant and coolant for light and heavy machining operations of metals like aluminum and copper alloys, soft and cast iron (machining operations) and drawing of aluminum bars (non-machining operations). It provides excellent cooling. Warning: Oil addition process should be held slowly while the system water is in circulation. Oil should not be added to water directly. Before new emulsion is prepared, water tank should be emptied completely and cleaned thoroughly. Meanwhile, emulsion should be prepared in a separate tank in suitable concentration and then should be added into the system.


• Extends service life by preventing bacteria formation. • Reduces scraps by extending service life of tools. • Controls the chip welding on heavy machining operations, ensures surface to stay smooth. • Maintains its performance even with raw water and forms stable emulsion. • Prevents formation of smoke and odor. • Protects system against rust and corrosion.

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