Mega Gres WR 2

Mega Gres WR 2

Mega Gres WR 2

Mega Gres WR is a high performance grease produced with Li/Ca thickeners, and with its improved formulation it is especially designed for water resistancy under heavy conditions.


It is used in medium and high speed operations where excessive impact loads are present. It is recommended for wide range of industrial and automotive applications. Especially for roller bearings used in steel industry, working in the presence of water and moisture. It is suitable for operations between -20 to 130 °C.


• Prevents the system against rust and corrosion. • Provides excellent protection under severe and impact loading with high-pressure resistance characteristic. • Extends the service life of bearings by minimizing the wear and aging. • Reduces maintenance and labor costs.


DIN 51825: KP 2 K-20, TS 11584

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