120 TL ParafPara at Petrol Ofisi with Paraf!

Earn 120 TL ParafPara for your 4th fuel purchase of 500 TL or more paid with Paraf at one time and on different days at Paraf member PETROL OFİSİ stations between November 16 and December 31, 2023!
End Date 12/31/2023

Campaign Terms & Conditions

  • Earn 120 TL ParafPara for your 4th fuel or autogas purchase of 500 TL or more made with Paraf POS at Paraf-member Petrol Ofisi stations on different days and at one time between November 16 and December 31, 2023.
  • To participate in the campaign, click the "Join Now" button on Paraf Mobile before your first purchase or send an SMS to 3404 (3444 for TRNC) by typing PO from the number registered in the bank.
  • Information on the gifts will be available on the slip and Paraf Mobile, and the winners will be notified via SMS.
  • The earned ParafParas will be loaded on the card you have used to make the transaction the following day. They can be used for fuel or autogas purchases at Paraf member Petrol Ofisi stations until February 10, 2024.
  • This campaign is customer-based, meaning a customer can participate only once and earn a maximum of 120 TL ParafPara in total.
  • Transactions must be carried out after registration and from Paraf POS devices that are a part of the campaign. Transactions are considered only after the campaign participation request reaches the bank system, and the cardholder is informed they are registered.
  • Paraf-member Petrol Ofisi stations are listed on www.paraf.com.tr, Paraf Mobile, and the Program Partners page by typing "Petrol Ofisi" in the company name field.
  • Only the first purchase of 500 TL or more conducted on the same day is included in the campaign.
  • The expiration date of ParafPara earned from the campaign is February 10, 2024, at 21:59. Unused ParafParas will be withdrawn on February 11, 2024.
  • To participate in the campaign via SMS, send an SMS to Turkcell, Vodafone, and TürkTelekom operators at 3404 and to KKTCell and KKTC Telsim operators at 3444. Other operators are not included in participation via SMS.
  • The participation SMS must be sent from the phone number registered in the bank. This SMS will be free of charge.
  • Paraf, Parafly, Parafree, Paraf Genç, Paraf Kadın, Paraf Business, Paraf Esnaf, Paraf KOBİ, Eczacı Paraf, Eczacı Paraf KOBİ, and Paraf Üreten Kadın are included in the campaign. The campaign will not include transactions made with HalkCard, debit cards, virtual cards, and ParafPara.
  • If the transactions are refunded or canceled, the canceled and refunded transactions will not be included in the campaign.
  • ParafPara earned throughout the campaign cannot be transferred to another card. If the ParafPara balance of the card is below zero due to advance ParafPara usage, this will not affect the use of ParafPara earned during the campaign.
  • ParafPara transfer transactions are not considered as ParafPara usage. The transferred ParafPara will be retrieved.
  • If the card registered in the campaign is lost, stolen, or blocked for various reasons, and in case it is not renewed on the same day, your campaign registration will be canceled. The campaign will not include transactions made after your registration is withdrawn.

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