Major investment in lubricants from Petrol Ofisi!

Petrol Ofisi Group is doubling the annual production capacity of its lubricant factory in Kocaeli. Providing half of Turkey's lubricant oil consumption with this new investment, the opening of the logistics center was held with the participation of state officials and local administration.

The opening ceremony of the new logistics center of Petrol Ofisi Group, the traditional leader of the Turkish lubricants market for the past 13 years, which increased the production capacity of its lubricants factory in Kocaeli to the level of meeting half of Turkey's lubricants consumption, was hosted by Petrol Ofisi Group CEO Mehmet Abbasoğlu and Petrol Ofisi Group Lubricants Director Sezgin Gürsu, with the participation of TR Presidential Investment Office Deputy Chairman Zeynel Kılınç and other leading public officials. Following the ribbon cutting, the guests visited the new logistics center, the technology center POTEM, and the giant T34 diesel tank located within the facility, meanwhile receiving information from the senior management of Petrol Ofisi Group.

The factory's current annual production capacity of 150 thousand tons will be increased to 230 thousand tons following the filling line revisions, additional tanks, and new filling lines to be built and installed. The facility's production capacity, working up to becoming one of the few facilities in the world, will meet half of Turkey's consumption. With this facility, Petrol Ofisi Group, bringing an average of 50 million dollars of export revenue to our country annually with its exports to 33 countries on four continents within the 40 million tons global lubricants market, will also have additional capacity to serve export markets thanks to this investment.

Environmentally friendly facility with 2,074 solar panels

With this massive increase in capacity, a significant decrease in unit energy consumption is expected. State-of-the-art solar energy panels meet a large portion of the facility's electricity needs. Petrol Ofisi currently supplies one-third of the electricity production in the factory with 2,074 solar energy panels and plans to increase this production to two-thirds in the future.

More than 400 products manufactured in the lubricant factory meet the demands of all vehicles, including electric ones. The facility generates a wide range of lubricant oils, including automobile engine oils, motorcycle oils, heavy commercial vehicle engine oils, transmission and differential oils, marine oils, industrial oils, greases, and other exclusive products.

The most comprehensive technology center in Turkey and its nearby geography

Located in the facility, Petrol Ofisi Technology Center (POTEM) is our country's most comprehensive technology center, carrying out an average of 150 thousand tests per year with its state-of-the-art devices and expert team. Products, services, and innovational implementations at international standards are executed within the center by expert Turkish engineers. The center takes advantage of domestic and international accredited test methods. POTEM provides R&D, quality control, and analysis services to various local and foreign companies, including world-renowned companies and popular public institutions.

T34 Diesel Tank: Covers the city's 4-days-worth Petrol Ofisi station sales in case of a possible Istanbul earthquake.

Simultaneously, Petrol Ofisi Group has increased its investments within the scope of regulations conducted in light of the Turkish fuel market's growth. It has built the giant T34 diesel tank with a 42,000 cubic meters capacity to foresee the additional capacity demand. The company's current ability has, therefore, reached 263,000 cubic meters. Petrol Ofisi Group plans to increase its total tank storage capacity to more than 400,000 cubic meters in the foreseeable future. The new T34 tank will be able to cover the city's 4-days-worth Petrol Ofisi station sales in the event of a prospective Istanbul earthquake. This tank investment will also lead the sector in reducing diesel imports.

Petrol Ofisi Group CEO Mehmet Abbasoğlu said: "This integrated center has doubled its capacity and, therefore, boasts a technology base that exports four continents introduces Turkish engineering to the world, and plays an important role in our country's energy independence strategy. Providing 30 percent of your total electricity demands with its solar energy capabilities, this gigantic facility contains a large diesel tank park that will cover four days of our station sales in the city in the event of an incidental Istanbul earthquake. We believe this move will also play an important role in reducing diesel imports. Our center is built on a completely digital ecosystem. It carries out implantations referenced in international studies with POTEM, the most comprehensive and innovative lubricant technology base in the nearby geography. As Petrol Ofisi Group, we will continue to increase our investments for the sustainable growth of our economy within this new century of our republic."

Petrol Ofisi Group Lubricants Director Sezgin Gürsu said: "Located in Kocaeli, our facility aims to be the heart of our industry and is definitely one of the largest in the world. We produce a cutting-edge product portfolio that can meet all lubricant needs of Turkey's heavy industrial facilities, large infrastructure construction projects, local governments, and public institutions, as well as our transporters on the roads and our farmers in the field. Our center will reduce carbon emissions caused by forklifts in traditional logistics operations by 60 percent, with a product storage capacity of 8 thousand tons managed digitally. This investment indicates our belief in our country's potential and growth. As Petrol Ofisi, we will continue investing in this sector and work with all our power to contribute to our country's future."

TR Vice President of the Presidential Investment Office Zeynel Kılınç expressed the following in her speech: "Looking at 2022, we can see that there is a domestic consumption of approximately 500 thousand tons in our country. Additionally, we can observe that exports and branded production services abroad are increasing. More than 60 percent of the total imports of 250 million dollars were gained from Germany, France, and the USA. A total of 70 million dollars were exported. Today, our lubricant oil production, including base oils and additives, can be gained from domestic resources. Companies such as Petrol Ofisi Group both produce and develop technology and have a major share in this success. This facility opened today will significantly contribute to our country's import-export balance with its high capacity and advanced technology. As the Presidential Investment Office, we have always supported high-value-added, advanced technology productions like this one and will continue to support it from now on. We will provide as much support as possible in new investments as well."