In accordance with the National Protection Law dated February 18th, 1941, Petrol Limited Company hand over the company to Petrol Ofisi, to play regulatory role in oil market in Turkey with a capital of 2.5 million Turkish Liras.

The Logo

The first CEO of Petrol Ofisi, Talha Sabuncu decided to base the corporation’s logo as “Asena” the she-wolf, a leading figure in Turkish mythology. Mr. Sabuncu was artistically talented, so he personally designed a wolf with a curving tongue, drew a red circle around it, and created the logo for one of the top corporations in Turkey.

First Lubricant - Plant Factory

The first lubricant plant was founded in Derince in 1953 as a Lubricant Blending Site.

Flower Festival

Petrol Ofisi always took part in the Flower Festival parade with their corporate vehicles.

Air Supply Service

On October 22nd, 1966 Petrol Ofisi executed a contract with the Turkish Airlines to supply fuel to their airplanes as of January 1st, 1967. Air supply service was initiated in 1967 with the mission to supply fuel to the state airports, and the aircrafts owned by national agencies including the MTA and Land Registry Office, primarily the Turkish Airlines.

First Fleet

The first fleet started to operate in 1972, composed of Reis and Pilot tankers.

First Woman CEO

Şeyda Odyakmaz was the first women to be appointed as CEO to Petrol Ofisi in 1973, in Turkish Republic’s history.

First Export

The first export was a shipment of 12,430 tons of engine lubricants to Iran.


Following its privatization, Petrol Ofisi moved its Head Office to the building in Maslak, Istanbul.

The Silver Project

After the privatization Petrol Ofisi initiated its “Silver Project”, which made its brand gas stations centers of attraction for drivers.

Community Volunteers Foundation

Following up on its motto “Bound By Heart”, Petrol Ofisi became a strategic partner to the Community Volunteers Foundation with the purpose of supporting all the local projects of this young group.

F1 Sponsorship

Petrol Ofisi became the official title sponsor for the Formula 1 Turkish Grand Prix.


Petrol Ofisi became the official sponsor for the Turkish National Football Team.

Diamond Awards

Our terminal team in Samsun received the OMV Diamond Award for their courage and outstanding performance in the rescue and rehabilitation activities in and around the terminal during and in the aftermath of the catastrophic flooding.


Setting off with its motto "Petrol Ofisi Supports Turkey’s Future”, in October 2017 Petrol Ofisi formed a comprehensive collaboration project with Altınordu, Turkey’s top brand for youth development in football.


Petrol Ofisi opened its first e-Power station equipped with charging units for electric cars.


Petrol Ofisi launched its first solar powered station in Ortakent, Bodrum. Equipped with 153 high efficiency solar panels, Petrol Ofisi dealer Paşalılar Petrol’s 42,075 kWp capacity solar system supplies about 70% of the power needed to run the entire station.

İTÜ Çekirdek

Petrol Ofisi is collaborating with İTÜ ARI Teknokent incubation center in a joint fight against COVID-19 by supporting the start-ups in their relevant projects. The first phase involves the development, manufacturing and distribution of face shields, intubation kits, diving masks modified to serve as PPG masks for healthcare professionals, protective gowns, UVC light for rooms, and air sterilization units. Petrol Ofisi top management was directly involved in the assessment process to select the best entrepreneurial projects from amongst the applications in response to İTÜ Çekirdek’s #FightCOVID19 call, and decided to sponsor 11 projects. İTÜ ARI Teknokent and Petrol Ofisi are collaborating in supporting the development and realization of projects that will not only help in the fight against any other future pandemic, but also technologies that will potentially make a significant contribution to the changing conditions in business and social life.

Product of the Year

Habitual leader of Turkey’s fuel industry, and emerging leader in the lubricants market, Petrol Ofisi scored a full success this year by having its innovative products in both segments chosen.