Automatic transmission fluid, approved by the major European and North American OEM’s, satisfies DEXRON III fluid performance.


Used in automatic transmission and steering gears of passenger cars and heavy vehicles; and used in mechanisms with hydraulic system if recommended.


• It is approved by European and North American Original Equipment Manufacturers. • It meets or exceeds the requirements of the commercial vehicle and passenger car specifications. • Elongates service life of system components vulnerable to rusting and corrosion. • Maintains its operation integrity, since its viscosity does not considerably change with the operation temperature. • Maintains its consistency at low temperatures and ensures ease of power transmission. • Extends the oil change time due to its remarkable oxidation resistance. • Effective seal compatibility reduces the risk of leakages. • Provides uninterrupted and smooth power transmission, due to its friction regulating properties.


Allison C4, GM Dexron III H, MAN 339 Type L1/V1/Z1/V2/Z2, MB 236.9, Voith 55.6336.XX (G1363), ZF TE-ML 03D/04D/14A/14B/14C/16L/17C

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