Maxima lubricant oils are updated with Adaptech technology to offer complete protection in all conditions!

The newly developed Maxima lubricant oils with Adaptech technology, developed in cooperation with technology partners at the Petrol Ofisi Technology Center (POTEM), the most advanced and largest lubricant oil technology center in Turkey and nearby geography, are attracted by their adaptation to all kinds of road and climate conditions and different driving styles. Maxima has been renewed with its formula as well as its packaging. Specially developed by the Petrol Ofisi, the new Maxima packaging offers an improved usage experience, while the packaging uses environmentally-sensitive materials and anti-counterfeiting holograms. Petrol Ofisi Group, the traditional leader of the Turkish fuel market for 13 years, has introduced a new, user-friendly packaging for Maxima lubricant oils, offering complete protection under all conditions, while updating them with the Adaptech technology developed by its technology partners at the country's largest lubricnat technology center, the Petrol Ofisi Technology Center (POTEM).

On the other hand, most of the engine wear occurs during the process of starting the engine to an optimal temperature. Conditions such as the start-stop system continuously running when it is constantly stopped due to heavy traffic make it difficult for the engine to maintain a stable operating temperature. However, Maxima lubricnat oils with Adaptech technology are remarkable because of their proactive molecules that provide continuous and fast lubrication in all situations, providing complete protection in all operating conditions.

Refined with Adaptech technology, the Maxima lubricant oils, thanks to the cleaning components contained, keep the engine clean while continuing the lubrication with disinfectant proactive molecules. The antioxidant components also prolong the life of the oil by forming a shield against oxidation. This allows drivers to continue their journey safely under any road conditions. In addition, these oils have a protective oil film effect in case of sudden acceleration and slowing down, which extends the engine's life by providing optimal oil temperature in variable conditions such as cold-hot, high load and turnover. Maxima contributes to sustainable production and consumption with its new packaging
The Maxima, awarded "Low Carbon Hero" by the Sustainable Production and Consumption Association (SUT-D) at the 8th Istanbul Carbon Summit, is specially developed by the Petrol Ofisi's expert industrial design team and offers an even better user experience. Designed to fit into a rectangle, this powerful and stylish packaging offers many advantages in every respect. The angular shape provides resistance to crushing inside the box, while the ergonomic two-piece design makes it easy to use. Due to its new size, the packaging, which offers more efficient storage, is made from environmentally friendly and 25 percent recyclable materials. With a larger and simplified label space and a modern and easy-to-read label design, the packaging has a hologram feature that proves its originality against counterfeiting. Moreover, with a more static and efficient installation on the pallet, Maxima lubricant oils can now be transported in a much safer way.

“Thanks to Adaptech technology, Maxima is 100% adaptable to any circumstances”

Sezgin Gürsu, Director of Lubricant Oils at the Petrol Ofisi Group, said: "As Turkey's number one in lubricant oil, understanding the changing needs and expectations of our users and providing them with the most appropriate solutions is our most important task in our focus on continuous development. With over 80 years of experience, both in Turkey and in more than 30 countries, we work to ensure that our Maxima vehicle lubricant oil brand and cyclists protect their vehicle engines in the best possible way and get the highest performance from their vehicles. To this end, at POTEM, Turkey's largest lubricant oil technology center, we continue to develop our products continuously, together with our technology partners. The Adaptech technology we're developing here takes its name from its ability to adapt. Thanks to Adaptech technology, Maxima lubricant oils are 100 percent adaptable to any road and climate conditions and different driving styles. It protects the engine in all conditions. At the end of our laboratory work, we are also proud to present the renewed Oil Office Maxima in a user-friendly new packaging with Adaptech lubricant oil technology that fits all requirements."

The Maxima CX Plus family also offers the following advantages according to tests:
• up to 90% better oxidation resistance than SEQ IIIH test limits. • 70% less wear than the OM646LA test limits. • 40% reduction in early ignition as compared to SEQ IX test limits. • 25% better piston cleaning than the SEQ IIIH test limits.