Procut A

Procut A

Procut A

Procut A is a neat, chlorine free cutting oil formulated with well rened mineral oil and additive package of the latest technology.


It is formulated for high-speed metalcutting operations and suitable for: • Machining of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. • Deep drilling of aluminum alloys. • Honing.


• Due to its transparency, it provides the operator to see processed piece during operation, it provides efficiency. • Suitable for use in high-speed operations due to its low viscosity. • Reduces product loss within the chips formed during the • It has no bothering odour. • Provides very good surface finish on machined pieces. • Contains anti-mist additives. • Suitable in the machining operations of yellow metals (copper and copper alloys). • Does not cause any spots and tarnished areas on machined surfaces.

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