Cleancut 200

Cleancut 200

Cleancut 200

Cleancut 200 is a bio-stable mikro-emulsion, universal metal cutting uid, produced for many metal cutting and grinding operations. It is appropriate to use with hard water. It forms a semi-transparent emulsion when mixed with water. Due to its high qualied additives, it ensures an excellent cutting operation. It can be used in light-medium operations. It can also be used for non-iron metals due to its special formulation. It does not consist nitrite, phenol, sulphur, chlorine, secondary amines and NPE.


It is suitable for carbon steel, alloy steel, many non-iron metals, molding, light-medium cutting and universal operations. It is recommended to use as stated rates in mixtures, below. • Turning 5-6% • Milling 5-6%
• Hole drilling 5-6% • Screwing operations 6-7% • Sawing operations 5-6% • Grinding 4-5%

Protect from direct sunlight and froze. Store at between 5-30 °C.


• Bio-stable. • Remarkable foam preventing characteristic. • For general purpose. • Consists oil in medium level. • Can be used for non-iron metals. • Suitable to be used in CNC machines. • High stability for hard water.

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