Selected LG Oled TVs with up to TRY 20,000 Fuel Points from Petrol Ofisi

Petrol Ofisi Fuel Points worth up to TRY 20,000 will be given as a gift for selected LG OLED TV purchases between Jun 1-30, 2024.
End Date 6/30/2024

Campaign Terms & Conditions

  • This campaign is valid for selected LG OLED TV models purchased between Jun 1 - 30, 2024 and is limited to stocks.

  • Within the scope of the campaign, OLED97M39LA model will come with TRY 20,000 worth of Petrol Ofisi fuel points, OLED97G29LA with TRY 18,000, OLED83M39LA with TRY 15,000, OLED83G36LA with TRY 13,000, OLED83C34LA with TRY 11,000, OLED77M39LA with TRY 12,000, OLED77G36LA with TRY 11,000, OLED77C34LA with TRY 9,000, OLED77B36LA with TRY 7,000, 65ART90E6QA with TRY 10,000, OLED65G36LA with TRY 7,000, OLED65C34LA with TRY 5,000, OLED55G36LA with TRY 5,000, OLED55C34LA with TRY 3,000, 55LX1Q6LA with TRY 4,000, 48LX1Q6LA with TRY 4,000, OLED65CS3VA with TRY 5,000, and OLED55CS3VA with TRY 3,000.

In order for consumers to benefit from the gift promotion right to be provided within the campaign, they must have purchased the specified model within the campaign dates, have the purchased product installed by LG authorized service and fill out the relevant participation form at until **Jul 15, 2024. **

The product must be installed in order to be eligible for the gift. If the purchased TV has not been installed and the online participation form is not filled out by the specified date, the consumer cannot benefit from the campaign and will not be granted any additional rights. In the event that there is more than one installation record for a product, the record of the consumer whose installation was performed first will be accepted and this consumer will be entitled to the gift.

  • Campaign applications will be checked within + / - 5 business days depending on the traffic of the campaign, and if the applications made at are complete and correct, the consumers who made the application will be notified by LG Turkey via SMS within 15 business days following the application date about the gift they have gained from the campaign. Consumers who were not notified via the mobile phone number they provided at the time of application may have had their applications invalidated or their application may not have been received by LG Turkey. It is the responsibility of the customers to submit the documents requested for the campaign and LG Turkey is not liable for missing documents. Consumers who have not received any SMS within the 15 business days following the application can make inquiries about their applications by calling the LG Customer Information Center at 444 6 543 (LGE) or via the LG Turkey WhatsApp support line whose details are specified at

  • The fuel point gift gained by the consumer whose campaign application is approved by LG Turkey will be uploaded by Petrol Ofisi to the mobile phone number specified by the consumer in the participation form.

The gift fuel points uploaded to the consumer's mobile phone number can be spent partially or as a whole in fuel (Gasoline, Diesel, Autogas) purchases at Positive Card contracted Petrol Ofisi stations until Sep 30, 2024.

In order to benefit from the campaign, the registration process must be completed on the Petrol Ofisi mobile application ( with the mobile phone number to which fuel points are loaded.

It is mandatory for the consumer to have their mobile phone registered in the campaign with them during payment at Petrol Ofisi stations. The consumer is required to communicate the verification password (OTP) received on their mobile phone during the payment to the market attendant at Petrol Ofisi stations and the password must be entered on the POS terminal.

Petrol Ofisi Fuel (Positive) Points spending is limited to TRY 4,000 (40,000 positive points) per day. Those who have not downloaded the Petrol Ofisi Mobile application to register as a customer cannot benefit from the campaign.

Unused gift fuel points will be deleted on October 1, 2024.

Petrol Ofisi is not responsible for expired fuel points. No refund or payment will be made for the TRY value of the deleted points.

  • Returns will not be accepted for the actual product purchased within the scope of the campaign, excluding any exceptions arising from the Law on the Protection of Consumers. If the original product is returned and refunded for any reason, the gifted product must also be returned. Otherwise, the return of the original product will not be accepted.

  • The products purchased to participate in this campaign must be provided by LG Electronics Ticaret A.Ş. Otherwise, the participant cannot benefit from the campaign.

  • Customers who apply with a company invoice must submit their company signature circular to us in order to claim their rights. The applications of customers who do not submit a signature circular will be deemed invalid. If the applicant's name is not on the company invoice, a wet signed permission/consent form must be obtained from the company official.

  • Customers having purchased models selected for dowry will not be included in the campaign.

  • Separate applications must be made for each product purchased. The applications of customers who request fuel points for more than one product in a single application will not be evaluated.

  • If the invoice holder and the assembly installation owner are different persons, the application will be deemed invalid. The full name on the invoice holder and the full name on the assembly form must be the same. The fuel points cannot be transferred to anyone other than the invoice holder.

  • This campaign cannot be combined with any other LG campaign, and the gifted products cannot be sold separately, transferred, converted into cash or goods. LG Turkey and Petrol Ofisi A.Ş. reserve the right to change the dates and conditions of the campaign or cancel it completely. Anyone participating in the campaign will be deemed to have accepted the above-mentioned terms and conditions.

  • The participation code given after the application made on the form related to this campaign on must be kept by the participant. If the participation code does not appear on the screen at the end of the application, your application may not have been received and you need to apply again.

  • Detailed information about the campaign may be obtained from the LG Customer Information Center at 444 6 543 (LGE).

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