The Most Reputable Brand’ in the fuel category: Petrol Ofisi

Petrol Ofisi was selected as the ‘Most Reputable Brand’ in the fuel category by the public jury at the The ONE Integrated Marketing Awards - the first and only event in Turkey which rewards brands and stakeholders for enhancing their reputation most within the year.

Designed jointly by Marketing Turkey (leading marketing magazine) and Akademetre (a marketing research company), The ONE Integrated Marketing Awards were presented to their winners at the 5th award ceremony. The ‘Most Reputable Brand’ research was conducted in more than 50 categories under two sections, 'General Achievement' and '2018 Performance.' Face-to face interviews were held with 1,200 people from 12 cities around Turkey. In order to evaluate the reputation and brand value of the brands in both sections, nine main topics (brand awareness, trust, advice, social responsibility, communication, advertising, general success, etc.) and 16 sub-criteria were polled. As a result of the research, the public jury awarded those brands which enhanced their reputation most in 2018, as well as advertising agencies, media planning and public relations companies which are the primary stakeholders in this success. Petrol Ofisi, which received the highest number of votes from the public, stood among its rivals and was named the ‘Most Reputable Brand’ in fuel category.

The ONE Integrated Marketing Awards were presented on Tuesday, January 8, 2019. At the ceremony at Raffles Hotel Istanbul, gathering prominent names of the business world, Petrol Ofisi CMO Beril Alakoç, Petrol Ofisi marketing team and agencies received the prestigious ‘Most Reputable Brand Award’ from TÜSİAD (Turkish Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association) President Erol Bilecik.

Beril Alakoç drew attention to the reorganization in marketing at Petrol Ofisi: “This reorganization aims to ensure that Petrol Ofisi is able to plan its investments more consciously, considering its medium- and long-term effects. We, as the Marketing Department, are acting on a unifying and guiding working principle that is at the core of all the units in the company. We have already begun to observe the internal effects of this reorganization. I really care about this unifying function of the marketing department Our way of doing business is more analytic, fine-tuned, and motivating, unifying the entire company under shared objectives and goals. We measured the first effects of our efforts out in the field and received very positive feedback from our customers and the industry. However, the best and most tangible evidence of this cumulative success was the ‘Most Reputable Brand’ award presented in the fuel category at the ONE Integrated Marketing Awards. In addition to being the first and only national award event, the selection of the brands at the summit in their own categories by the ‘public jury’ makes this event even more valuable, assigning a different meaning to it.