The fuel oil leader takes place in Turkey’s distinct platform of energy trade and supply: Petrol Ofisi at ISTRADE 2018

Petrol Ofisi, the Turkish fuel and lubricants industry leader, took a part in ISTRADE 2018, the only energy trade and supply platform in Turkey, as a participant and sponsor. Petrol Ofisi CEO Selim Şiper drew attention to the supply as one of the most important issues in energy, and said: “Petrol Ofisi is a brand that has fulfilled significant supply-related duties since its establishment, with a great awareness of how important and critical this issue is. Considering the ever-increasing energy needs in a developing and growing Turkey, this summit held to address these topics becomes a much more important platform.”

ISTRADE 2018, the 3rd edition of the Energy Trade and Supply Summit held under the auspices of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and with the support of EMRA, took place this year from April 9 to 10, 2018 in Raffles Istanbul Zorlu Center. In ISTRADE 2018, the only energy trade and supply platform in Turkey, prominent high-level industry experts discussed energy trade problems and the latest developments.

As in previous summits, ISTRADE 2018 again attracted a great deal of attention from local and international participants and visitors alike, and received the support of leading NGOs including TOBB, PETDER, ELDER, ETD, PETFORM, EÜD, GAZBİR, and GAZİD with energy activities in Turkey. Along with Vitol, one of the world's largest energy trade companies, Petrol Ofisi was among the sponsors and participants of this important energy platform.

“Energy is the most pressing need of a growing Turkey”

Petrol Ofisi CEO Selim Şiper remarked that, considering the ever-increasing energy needs in a growing Turkey, trade and supply carry a much heavier weight, and added: “Petrol Ofisi was established during WW2 when the supply shortage of petroleum products peaked in the world and thus in Turkey, with the aim of meeting this need and distributing such products all over the country. Since then, we have been making massive infrastructure investments in our storage facilities and terminals in order to fulfill this important mission successfully, and today we represent a very large portion of Turkey's assets in this field. Therefore, we are undoubtedly one of those companies which know very well the importance, seriousness, and the value of energy trade and supply for Turkey. Taking note of the ever-increasing energy needs in a growing and developing Turkey, this issue is more critical. Therefore, ISTRADE 2018 fulfills a very important duty as the only platform that brings together all the representatives of this field.”

More than 30 speakers discussed energy in 8 panels

In the 3rd Energy Trade and Supply Summit, more than 30 speakers, each being high-level figures in their respective areas, shared expectations, projections, and current market assessments on energy in 8 different panels. In ISTRADE 2018, the following topics were discussed: Digital Transformation in Energy Trade, Retail Electricity Markets and Distribution, Trade and Supply in Electricity Markets, Fuel Oil Trade and Storage, Natural Gas Trade in Turkey, Regional Gas Trade in the Balkans, Trade and Digitalization in Oil Markets, ETD Istanbul Traders Meeting.