Petrol Ofisi was at the 9th Turkish Energy Summit, supporting, attending, and receiving an award at, the event.

The 9th Turkish Energy Summit and 17th ERRA (Energy Regulators Regional Association) Energy Investment and Regulation Conference was held in Antalya from October 9 to 10, 2018. Held with the traditional support and participation of Petrol Ofisi, the leader of the Turkish fuel and oils & chemicals markets, the summit served as the meeting platform for the energy industry.

Petrol Ofisi CEO Selim Şiper drew attention to the importance of the event that brought together all the local and international stakeholders and prominent figures of the industry. Petrol Ofisi won the Industry Award at the Social Responsibility Awards organized as part of the Summit.

The summit, which kept the pulse the industry for two days, was opened with the remarks of ERRA Chairman Mart Ots, Energy Market Regulatory Authority Chairman Mustafa Yılmaz, Ministers of attending countries, and the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Dönmez.

Petrol Ofisi Senior Management was also at the Turkish Energy Summit.

At this important energy platform attended by Petrol Ofisi CEO Selim Şiper and the senior management comprising all the directors of the company, and around 60 leading figures discussed all aspects of the energy industry in 17 sessions. The leader Petrol Ofisi took part in this major sector reunion traditionally, with its support and booth.

“One of Turkey's most influential energy industry events”

Petrol Ofisi CEO Selim Şiper emphasized both the national and international dimension and importance of the event: “Turkish Energy Summit is one of the most important energy events held in our country. This platform brings together all the local and international stakeholders and the most important figures in the industry to discuss all aspects of energy, helping achieve significant rational results and gains. We consider it a responsibility to take part in and contribute to such an important platform.”

Industry Award to Petrol Ofisi at the Turkish Energy Summit

Petrol Ofisi also won awards at the 9th Turkish Energy Summit. At the Social Responsibility Awards in Energy organized as part of the Summit, Petrol Ofisi was honored with the Industry Award for its companionship with Altınordu, through which the company supported Turkish football.