Petrol Ofisi is Turkey's second largest company

Petrol Ofisi, the leader in the Turkish fuel and lubricants industry, came in second with a turnover of 30.8 billion TL in Capital 500 - Top 500 Private Companies of Turkey which lists the largest private companies in Turkey.

Petrol Ofisi, Türkiye’nin en büyük ikinci şirketi

In 19th edition of the Capital 500 list this year, Petrol Ofisi proved itself as one of the greatest assets in Turkey with a turnover of 30.8 billion TL coupled with an export volume of 1,521,466,000 TL. Petrol Ofisi stands out with unprecedented investments with more than 1,700 stations constituting Turkey's largest fuel chain. In addition to 9 fuel oil and 3 LPG terminals, Petrol Ofisi has 20 airport supply units and 1 lubricants factory. Petrol Ofisi boasts a storage capacity of 1.1 million m³ and a sales volume of 114,000 tons in the lubricants and chemicals market.

“Petrol Ofisi is one of the greatest assets in Turkey”

Receiving the award at the Capital 500 Award Ceremony held in Istanbul on December 28, Petrol Ofisi CEO Selim Şiper emphasized how important it was to establish the rankings based on actual figures: “The Capital 500 list is based on a purely mathematical assessment, rather than on comments or opinions. Everything in these assessments is therefore clear and transparent. In other respects, this ranking for private companies manifests the contributions and the value created for our country. In this sense, the list is the honor roll for the Turkish private sector. At Petrol Ofisi, we are honored to have a place on such an important and meaningful platform and to be consistently at the top ranks of this list.”