Enhanced cooperation between Petrol Ofisi and Arkas

Arkas, a Turkish player in the world league of the maritime industry, chose Turkey's leading fuel and oils brand - Petrol Ofisi - to meet its ships’ needs for 2.5 million liters of lubricating oils.

Cooperation of Arkas Logistics and Petrol Ofisi began in 2017 and now moves to a new level.

Arkas Logistics currently distributes lubricating oil to Petrol Ofisi dealers in 81 cities, while Arkas, which owns Turkey's largest container fleet, will now start meeting its vessels’ annual need of for 2.5 million liters of lubricants from Petrol Ofisi.

Arkas Holding Vice Chairman and Logistics Services Group President Diane Arcas said: “At Arkas Logistics, we are distributing lubricating oils to Petrol Ofisi dealers in 81 cities through our Shipping Business Development unit in Derince. We are glad to move our cooperation to a higher level with this new agreement and to start procuring lubricating oils for Arkas vessels calling at Turkish ports from Petrol Ofisi. As two successful companies in their respective fields, we are expanding our cooperation to new areas and we will continue to do so.”

Petrol Ofisi CEO Selim Şiper emphasized that Petrol Ofisi, as the leader of both the fuel oil and lubricating oils & chemicals markets, is one of the most valuable assets in Turkey with its long history and its contributions in all related areas, and went on to say: “Arkas is also one of our most important assets and brands which represent Turkey on the global arena. Two leading companies in their respective industries brought their cooperation to a new level with this new agreement.” He also reiterated his belief that this cooperation between two important and large companies would develop further and continue for many years.