Every Vehicle Arriving at Petrol Ofisi is Worth Remembering!

With the Fuel Recognition System, we provide more reliable and controlled fueling for vehicles arriving at the Petrol Ofisi stations. Thanks to this system, we know the product type of your vehicle from its license plate and supply the right product. All you need to do is to get fuel from any Petrol Ofisi station. For the system to work, the license plate information entered into the cash register prior to purchasing fuel should match the vehicle license plate registered in the system.

The Fuel Recognition System will check the product type matching the license plate of the customer and will prompt a warning if the product type in the pump and the one defined in the automation system do not match, thereby preventing the fueling. The check for incorrect fuel includes diesel and gasoline product groups but excludes LPG and kerosene products.

The Fuel Recognition System is available in Petrol Ofisi stations included in the system.In order to benefit from this service, customers should have previous fuel purchases at any Petrol Ofisi station. Your personal data may be collected and processed in order to fulfill the legal requirements and prevent incorrect fueling.

Please find attached the disclosure policy for the processing of personal data under Law no. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data. All data in the Fuel Recognition System are used and stored in accordance with the Law.

Please click here for Information on Protection of Personal Data.

Please click here for the List of Petrol Ofisi Stations included in the Fuel Recognition System.