e-POwer privilege from Petrol Ofisi

Petrol Ofisi prepares the infrastructure of the future with e-POwers consisting of charging units developed for electric cars. Petrol Ofisi opens exclusively developed charging units, i.e. proprietary e-POwer chargers, at the most needed points on intercity highways. e-POwers operate under a separate canopy at Petrol Ofisi stations.

Selim Şiper pointed how Petrol Ofisi has been fulfilling its duties regardless of circumstances for 76 years, and said: “We are indeed supporting the future under all circumstances, as always. With e-POwer, we contribute to the development of our own sector and the automotive industry, while setting the highest standards in services offered to customers and guests.”

As the leading brand in the Turkish fuel and lubricants industry for 76 years, Petrol Ofisi continues to support the future with its innovations and to improve the industry’s service standards with its pioneering efforts. e-POwer is the latest innovation Petrol Ofisi introduced in line with its perfectionist approach in services offered to customers and guests. The first e-POwer to offer services in this field was opened in Gebze. An opening ceremony was held at Petrol Ofisi station in the Oxygen 03 Recreation Facilities located at the entrance of Osmangazi Bridge, with the participation of Petrol Ofisi CEO Selim Şiper and Petrol Ofisi management.

Created as a special and unique brand of Petrol Ofisi and produced in Turkey

Through e-POwer brand, Petrol Ofisi resolves the problem of recharging, the most common problem for drivers of electric cars, in a privileged way and enables them to drive on intercity roads by extending the range. Petrol Ofisi has developed a special and unique system instead of installing ready-made charging units in its stations. Petrol Ofisi received support only in relation with the system from Voltrun, an expert organization in the field, and created e-POWER as a completely special and unique brand from its design to structure. They are produced entirely in Turkey.

e-POwer: Autonomous service points under exclusive canopies

Petrol Ofisi aims to meet in its stations all the needs of its customers and guests in the ideal way, by maximizing its service quality and diversity as part of its new customer-oriented approach. E-POwer, one of the innovations Petrol Ofisi introduced in line with this new and powerful approach, are designed to serve the drivers of electric and hybrid vehicles, though in relatively small numbers, under the roof of Petrol Ofisi. e-POwers will serve as autonomous service points under exclusive and special canopies in Petrol Ofisi stations.

e-POwers will take electric vehicles out of the city, setting them all but free

The limited range is undoubtedly one of the biggest problems of electric cars today. Electric vehicles could not be used in intercity roads because of their limited range, combined with recharging problems they faced. Petrol Ofisi resolves this critical problem, by introducing e-POwers at certain intervals on highways anticipated to host intensive use of electric vehicles. This is how e-POwers will help electric vehicles, now confined by inner-city roads, take intercity roads, thus setting them free in a sense.

Petrol Ofisi will focus on customers in the new period

Petrol Ofisi CEO Selim Şiper stated that Petrol Ofisi will focus on customers in the new period, aiming to offer them the richest variety of best services and address all their needs at highest quality and in the most ideal way. Selim Şiper indicated that this service approach would be implemented together with dealers in a perfectionist rigor and holistic integrity, and added: “A look into the 76-year history of Petrol Ofisi reveals a robust and consistent past in which the expectations have been exceeded and the responsibilities have been strictly fulfilled under all circumstances. In the new period, we will continue to pioneer and add value to the future in line with this inherent sense of responsibility, while providing our customers with the best, most ideal, and most comprehensive services. And e-POwer has definitely a stake that answers our purposes perfectly in these two areas. It complements service diversity and quality provided under the umbrella of Petrol Ofisi, while freeing electric vehicles, removing an obstacle before the progress in this field, and contributing to the process. The value Petrol Ofisi intends to create for the future with e-POwer has a much more special and valuable meaning since our domestic car planned to be produced will be an electric car.”

The first company to create its own brand in this area in Turkey

Selim Şiper stated that, as a leading brand in its industry, Petrol Ofisi is responsible for closely following technology and developments: “As a leader, we take it as a responsibility and duty to not only to follow but also contribute to technology and developments and introduce novelties. Therefore, it is important that we have become Turkey's first fuel company which has developed its own brand in this area.”