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    What is PAY & GO?

    PAY & GO system enables our customers to purchase fuel without leaving their car by pairing their Positive Card with their Visa, MasterCard  and virtual cards of a bank of their choice.

    What is the advantage of PAY & GO? Why should I use PAY & GO?

    First of all, you can pay much more quickly and comfortably with PAY & PASS. Your payment will have been received once the fueling is complete.

    While you try to catch up with business, meetings, or reunions which you've been looking forward to, you can continue on your way at the speed of a pit stop without leaving your car.

    If you have a child or pet in the car, you don't have to leave them alone or take them with you when you go to the payment area.

    While paying, you will not be affected by weather conditions; rain, wind or hot weather do not affect your comfort.

    Motorbike users who especially do not want to waste time in traffic can also make fuel payments without taking off their helmets or even gloves.

    How does PAY & GO work?

    First of all, you need to activate via an SMS your Petrol Ofisi Positive Card, which you can get free of charge from our stations.

    You can then pair your Positive Card with your credit card at our stations or at petrolofisi.com.tr to enable the PAY & GO function.

    Before you purchase fuel, you present your Positive Card to the sales attendant, indicating that you want to pay with PAY & GO.

    When your card is tapped on the pump, a pre-authorization of 300 TL is taken from your credit card for the fueling to start, once purchase is complete…

    Once gasoline or diesel oil purchase is complete, the pre-authorization is automatically canceled by your bank and the actual fuel purchase amount is charged to your card.

    Finally, your fuel purchase information is sent you via a free SMS.

    How is Positive Card activated?

    Your Positive Card is activated once you send the following text message to 7627: type AKTIF, then leave a space and type your 16-digit card number (indicated on your Positive Card), and finally your NAME and FAMILY NAME leaving a space between them.

    Sample SMS: “AKTIF 7000190370001903 MEHMET YILMAZ”

    How can I pair Positive Card and my credit card?

    You can pair them either at our stations or on our website at petrolofisi.com.tr. At the supermarket: The market attendant can perform this procedure by swiping the credit card you want to pair with Positive Card through the POS device in our station. Online: If you wish, you can do it yourself instantly on our website at petrolofisi.com.tr.

    What information will I be asked for pairing?

    The page on which you pair your Positive Card to your credit card runs on the infrastructure of İşbank. The information on this section is not viewed or stored by Petrol Ofisi. You will be asked for the card number, expiration date, CVC number, and the name and surname on the card. You will receive a 3D-encrypted password on your mobile phone and the pairing will be made once you enter the password.

    I was unable to use PAY & PASS; what could have happened?

    In order to use PASS & PAY, you should present your Positive Card to the sales attendant at the station before fueling starts, indicating that you will pay with PAY & PASS.

    Have you activated your Positive Card via SMS?

    Did you link your credit card and Positive Card at the supermarket or on petrolofisi.com.tr?

    Have your credit card been activated for online shopping?

    If you have a bank card already paired, has its expiration date changed? (When banks send a new card to customers after loss, theft, or expiration date change, the new card should be paired with Positive Card again even if the card number is the same.)

    In PAY & PASS transactions, a pre-authorization of 300 TL is taken from the customer's credit card. If you do not make a purchase of 300 TL, the remaining amount will be automatically refunded to your card by the bank. (Refund time may vary depending on the banks.)

    Why is a pre-authorization of 300 TL taken?

    In PAY & PASS, our customer’s fuel purchase customer is completed before the amount is withdrawn from the credit card. If the customer’s card limit is not enough for the fuel purchase amount, this may cause trouble for customers as they have to pay with cash or with a different credit card. A pre-authorization by banks has been introduced to avoid such issues.

    Is it safe to pair the Credit Card and Positive Card?

    The PAY & GO transactions are carried out completely via the bank via 3D Secure System.. Petrol Ofisi does not access and store any customer information. Moreover, after each transaction, transaction details are sent via SMS to our customers' mobile phone instantly and free of charge.

    Is PAY / PASS available in all stations?

    PAY & PASS is available at approximately 1,100 stations across Turkey. Please click here included in the PAY & PASS System to get the list of stations

    How can I track the expenses made with Positive Card with PAY & PASS function?

    A free SMS is automatically sent to our customers for each fuel purchase, with the transaction amount also being stated. This amount can also be seen in the monthly statement of the credit card paired with the Positive Card. In addition, our website and Petrol Ofisi application has an ‘Online Transactions’ menu in which you can enter your username and password to view your PAY & PASS transactions.

    How can I cancel the PAY & PASS function on my Positive Card?

    You can contact our Customer Service Hotline at 0800 211 02 29 (for landlines) and 0555 675 55 55 (for mobile phones) to cancel PAY & PASS function.

    I lost my Positive Card.

    You can contact our Customer Service Hotline at 0800 211 02 29 (for landlines) and 0555 675 55 55 (for mobile phones).