Fuels with Active-3 technology,

cleanse and protect your engine and save your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Active 3 technology?

The dirt that piles up in your tank in time, blocks the injectors, decreases the performance of the vehicle and increases the oil consumption. The new products Petrol Ofisi has designed with the Active-3 technology is for the maximum efficiency. With the smart molecules in Active-3 technology;

  • The dirt that blocks the engine is cleaned,

  • The engine is protected starting from the first tank,

  • Fuel consumption is minimized

Which of your products have Active 3 technology? What does it do?

Active-3 technology is used in all of our V/Max Diesel, V/Pro Diesel, V/Max Unleaded 95 products.

  • V/Max Diesel with Active-3 technology cleanses your engine up to 100%, protects the engine starting from the first tank and saves your money up to 4%.

  • V/Pro Diesel with Active-3 technology cleanses your tank, starts protecting from the first tank and minimizes fuel consumption up to 2.6%. With its special formula, it doubles the protection of the engines of heavy commercial vehicles.

  • V/Max Unleaded 95 with Active-3 technology cleanses your engine, protects the engine starting from the first tank and saves your money up to 4%.

How many kilometers would it make you save with each tank?

Because the kilometer measurement might differ depending on the type of the vehicle and the engine, we, as Petrol Ofisi, would like to make our claims based on liters. With our V/Max Diesel and V/Max Unleaded 95 products will make you save up to 4 liters in every 100 liters, while our V/Pro Diesel will make you save up to 2.6 liters in every 100 liters.

Can you claim the same with gasoline?

Our claims of cleanness, protection and savings are tested by independent laboratories and approved by Istanbul Technical University (ITU). You can find more about our gasoline products in the link given below

What changed in your gasoline products with the Active 3 technology? With our V/Max Unleaded 95;

With our V/Max Unleaded 95;

  • The promise of saving fuel up to 4% is continued,

  • A superior cleansing that disables the production of dirt is enabled,

  • Protection starting from the first tank is promised.

Why did ProDiesel become V/Pro Diesel? What is the difference?

Diesel comes out of the oil refinery as a single type of product. We, as Petrol Ofisi, add different additives to create V/Max Diesel and V/Pro Diesel. Although, none of these two products are superior to the other, they differ in qualities they enable.

With Active-3 technology, we changed our ProDiesel into V/Pro Diesel. Our new V/Pro Diesel has qualities superior to our old ProDiesel. You can get more information from the link below.

What is the difference between V/Pro Diesel and V/Max Diesel?

Both of our diesel products are suitable for both heavy commercial and passenger vehicles. Both of them will cleanse and protect the engine, and save your money. Our products differ in the qualities below.

V/Pro Diesel;

  • With the decrease of the lowered sulfur levels, lubricant effect increased in vehicles that carry heavy weights. To increase the lubricant effect that is so important for those vehicles, V/Pro Diesel has a special additive that protects the engine up to 200%.

  • Decreases fuel consumption up to 2.6%

V/Max Diesel;

  • Cleanses the engine up to %100 and increases the performance of it.

  • Decreases fuel consumption up to 4%

  • The performance that is lost due to the consumption of additive-free fuel is regain up to 100%.

What is V/Max?

V/Max is a type of fuel that maximizes the performance of your engine.

What is V/Pro?

It stands for high performance of the professionals.

Which vehicles are suited for V/ Pro Diesel?

V/ Pro Diesel is suited for both passenger vehicles and heavy or light commercial vehicles. However, heavy commercial vehicles can benefit more due to the erosion preventive formula in it. The formula will increase the costs of maintenance and enables full performance at harsh conditions.

How can you guarantee the quality of your products?

  • All of our products are suitable for the technical qualities defined by TS EN, EPDK and the criteria of Tüpraş.

  • Our products are sold in the terminals after they are double tested by accredited independent laboratories and checked how they line up with TS EN standards.

  • Our products that are sold in the stations are tested by accredited independent laboratories.

  • Also, with automation systems in the tanks of our stations they constantly checked.

  • Active-3 technology fuels are tested by international independent laboratories and approved by Istanbul Technical University.

Are Active-3 technology products suitable for every vehicle? Does engine type matter?

Petrol Ofisi checks the engine market regularly and develops its products accordingly. You can use our products no matter what you drive.

I am using the new product, but will the additives damage the engine?

Active-3 technology is developed to protect the engine. It cleanses, protects and with regular use, it blocks new dirt to emerge and that will save your money.

Active-3 technology is tested by independent laboratories and approved by ITU.

Will the new product stop foaming? What benefits does this have?

Active-3 technology has additives that will stop foaming. Therefore, it decreases the time of fuel filling.

How likely will the product freeze in winter?

The diesel that is sold in winter can last to -15°C at most. Petrol Ofisi additives can last up to -20°C and this will enable a smooth winter.

Can I just buy your additives and add to my tank?

No. All of our additives are already in our products. You cannot buy Active-3 technology formula separately.

Is it budget friendly?

Yes, in all means: while it makes decreases your consumption, it also protects and cleanses your engine by blocking new dirt from forming and it increases the performance. Therefore, it lowers your maintenance costs.

Will the performance of the product depend on the weather, the condition of the road and how I drive?

Not the product’s performance, but the vehicle’s performance will depend on conditions mentioned above. Active-3 products are developed especially to be durable to even these hard conditions. Real road tests are proving these claims at the best way.

I am using the new product but do I need to use extra additives to increase the performance? What will happen if I do?

All additives you need is present in our Petrol Ofisi products. Any other additives might affect the performance you get from our products. All of our products are guaranteed for quality, however, these additives might lead to the loss of the guarantee. In order to get the most out of our products, we recommend using Maxima and Maximus oils.

Didn’t your V/Max products already make us save 4%? Why did you feel the need to renew your products?

Our V/Max products with Active-3 technology promises a decrease in fuel consumption up to 4%, as well as cleansing in the engine up to 100% and protection starting from the first tank. Therefore the maintenance costs are decreased.

I am using your Active-3 product now but can I switch back to your old products when I want to? Will it be a problem switching products? Do I need to clean the tank somehow?

All of our stations are selling the new Active-3 technology fuels only. You will not face any problems when you are switching to the new products.

Is it eco-friendly?

Our products will decrease emulsion and helps protecting the nature, and also makes you consume less fuel.

Why is there a price difference between V/Pro and V/Max?

While V/Max Diesel enables less fuel consumption and cleanses starting from the first tank, with V/Pro Diesel these effects are less and the engine cleanse is slower. The price difference is due to that.

I am an AutoMatic costumer, would I be using this product from now on? How would the registration process work?

Your membership is defined under your license, therefore, with the automation system, your membership will switch to the new fuel. From now on all of our stations will sell Active-3 technology fuels.