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Dear User, welcome to the website of Petrol Ofisi A.Ş. (Petrol Ofisi) at

The “Website Terms of Use” governs the terms regarding provision of information and services to our valuable users on this Website.


The following definitions are important for the use of the Petrol Ofisi Website at

Accordingly, the following terms shall mean the following:

User(s): the real person(s) who subscribe(s) to the website by providing the information requested in the contact forms on the website with their own express consent or who only visit the site without providing personal data. Personal Data: any information of a personally-identified or personally-identifiable real person.

Personal Data:any information of a personally-identified or personally-identifiable real person.

Processing of Personal Data: any action performed on data by partially or wholly automatic means or by non-automated means provided that it is part of a data recording system, including acquisition, recording, storage, retention, modification, rearrangement, disclosure, transfer, takeover, making available, classification, or blocking use of, such data.

Website: the website at

IAWL: Intellectual and Artistic Works Law no. 5846.

Law no. 5651 : İThe Law on Regulating Broadcasting in the Internet and Fighting Against Crimes Committed through Internet Broadcasting.

LPPD: Law no. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data.


a. The Website and all documents on the Website are the property of Petrol Ofisi. These documents may not be copied or reproduced except as required to be seen on the online system. Regardless of the above, you may print out the pages of the Website for your personal use. Regardless of the above-mentioned general principle, Petrol Ofisi may allow downloading of wallpapers, screen savers and other programs from the Website. The user shall be responsible for any legal liability arising from any forms of use which may violate the intellectual and industrial property rights of the documents incorporated in this Website.

b. If you want to create a link to the site, this link should be redirected to the homepage

c. Although Petrol Ofisi has taken measures, with the existing means available, to ensure that the Website is free of viruses and other malicious software, the User is responsible for maintaining its own virus protection system and providing necessary protection to guarantee utmost safety. In this context, the User acknowledges that they are responsible for any errors that may occur in their software and operating systems due to their access to the Website and the direct or indirect consequences thereof.

d. Any information, pictures, descriptions and news (“Information”) on the Website are for information and promotion purposes only. Users may in no way claim that the Information available on the Website is inaccurate or that they have incurred damages because of such Information. Users acknowledge that, if they intend to make a transaction with reference to the Information, it is their obligation to obtain final and reliable information in writing from Petrol Ofisi and that Petrol Ofisi is not liable for outdated information on the Website.

e. Petrol Ofisi reserves, at its sole discretion, the right to change the contents of the Website at any time, to modify or terminate any service provided to Users, and to delete user information and data registered on the Website. Although Petrol Ofisi has taken all measures to ensure that the Website is error-free, it does not provide any warranty regarding the existing or potential errors on the Website.

f. In case of a criminal complaint or official inquiry request against the user from the official authorities and/or detection of any electronic sabotage or attack by the user in an attempt to interfere with the operation of Petrol Ofisi systems or change its functioning, Petrol Ofisi is entitled to investigate and inform the legal authorities of the User's ID information.

Petrol Ofisi has to ensure the security of the Website and all its sub-sites, as well as any other information system. It is illegal to browse websites and other information technology systems for any vulnerability for commercial, well-intentioned or other purposes and to misuse such vulnerability to harm the systems, to leak information, etc. In the event that such activities are carried out, sanctions may be applied in accordance with Law No. 5651. In the event of such attempts, Petrol Ofisi reserves the right to initiate legal proceedings based on the data collected under the law on the attacker, the time and type of the attack, and to claim fines or imprisonment as a result of the proceedings.

g. In some cases, non-personal information may be collected. Such information include, for instance, the type of the Internet browser you use, your operating system, the domain name of the website to which you have accessed by link or ads, etc.

h. Information may be placed on your computer when you visit the Website. This information will either be in a cookie or a similar file format, to help us in a few ways. However, the ultimate aim is to provide you with a better online experience by tracking your preferences during your visits to our Website. For instance, cookies will allow us to adjust websites and ads according to your interests and preferences. Almost all Internet browsers have options to delete cookies from your hard drive, prevent them from being written, or receive a warning before they are saved. Please refer to your browser's help files and usage information for further details.

i.Matters to be Taken into Account according to the IAWL and Law no. 5651

Kullanıcı/Kullanıcılar, Site üzerinde bir başka web sitesine veya içeriğe erişim imkânı tanıyan linkler bulunabileceğini, bunların kontrolünün veya doğruluğunun veya yeterliliğinin Petrol Ofisi ile ilgisi olmadığını ve Petrol Ofisi’nin bu siteleri herhangi bir şekilde desteklemediğini veya içerdiği bilgilerin doğruluğunu garanti etmediğini ve bu sitelerde yer alan içeriklerden dolayı herhangi bir sorumluluğu bulunmadığını, bu sitelerin ve/veya içeriklerin kullanımından veya bu içeriklere dayalı olarak almış oldukları kararların sonuçlarından, sitenin kullanım şartlarını okumamış veya okumuş ancak bunlara uygun davranmamış olmaları sebebiyle uğramış olduğu maddi veya manevi, müspet veya menfi ve olası herhangi bir zarardan veya masraftan Petrol Ofisi veya herhangi bir grup şirketinin veya çalışanlarının, yöneticilerinin, yetkilendirdikleri kişi veya kuruluşlarının, hukuki veya cezai hiçbir sorumluluğu olmadığını, sitede yer alan bilgilerin doğruluğu ve/veya yeterliliğinin Petrol Ofisi tarafından garanti edilmediğini kabul ve beyan etmişlerdir.

The User(s) acknowledge(s) that there may be links on the Website that provide access to another website or content; that Petrol Ofisi is not engaged in their control or accuracy or adequacy; that Petrol Ofisi does not support these websites in any way or guarantee the accuracy of the information contained therein and has no responsibility for the contents of these websites; that Petrol Ofisi or any group company or its employees, executives, or any person or organization authorized by them shall not be legally or criminally liable for the use of these websites and/or their content by the User(s) or for consequences of users' decisions based on such content or for any pecuniary, non-pecuniary, affirmative or negative or possible damages or expenses incurred by User(s) due to the fact that they have not read the website terms of use or, they read the same but have not complied with them; and that the accuracy and / or adequacy of the information contained on the website is not guaranteed by Petrol Ofisi.

Users acknowledge and declare that there may be articles, information, comments, opinions, news, images, pictures, figures, graphics, and other material owned by Petrol Ofisi or a third party on the Website; that Petrol Ofisi has rights under the IAWL and any regulation related to these materials; and that they may not be copied, amended, reproduced, published, sold, made available or interfered with without the permission of Petrol Ofisi.

All logos, trademarks and corporate emblems published on the Website are protected by the Decree Law no. 556 on the Protection of Brands. Logos may not be copied and used in any way. Users acknowledge and declare that Petrol Ofisi or any group company or its employees, executives, or any person or organization authorized by them shall not be legally or criminally liable for the use of the Petrol Ofisi logo or any other pages of the Website on another website in any way or for use of the information to be obtained through any content uploaded to the website by third parties or visitors, or for any content which does not create liability due to use of the Internet under general practices.

j.Petrol Ofisi reserves the right to amend, renew or cancel any article of these Website Terms of Use without notice. Any amended, renewed or canceled article shall be effective for all Users upon its publication on the Website.


This Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy contains our policy on the personal data of our Website visitors, candidate employees, customers, business partners, and visitors of Petrol Ofisi facilities that are processed either at Petrol Ofisi facilities or by the Website while offering services of Petrol Ofisi A.Ş. (“Petrol Ofisi”)“Website”) and services in its field of activities in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data no. 6698 (LPPD) and all relevant regulations and decisions.

Purpose of Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy

The Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy describes:

  1. what type of personal data Petrol Ofisi processes, and the purpose of processing personal data,
  2. how such personal data is used,
  3. your rights on personal data processed by Petrol Ofisi and how you can exercise these rights,
  4. how you can change your positive or negative preferences for electronic commercial messages.

1- Your Processed Personal Data, Purpose and Rationale of Personal Data Processing

Petrol Ofisi may request your personal data (name, family name, date of birth, e-mail, telephone number, gender, address, occupation, education, marital status, information approved by the user to be shared via social networks if linked via such networks, information on campaigns that the user has benefited from, the navigation and click information on the application, information on the location where the application is opened) that will enable Petrol Ofisi to fulfill its legal obligations in order to serve you better and continue its activities, to comply with Law no. 5651 on Regulating Broadcasting in the Internet and Fighting Against Crimes Committed through Internet Broadcasting as well as applicable secondary legislation, Law No. 6563 on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce, Turkish Criminal Code no. 5237 (“TCC”) and the LPPD, and to establish of the security of the Petrol Ofisi facilities and Website, provide of Petrol Ofisi services, conduct contractual relations, and maintain commercial activities.

This personal data is processed and stored upon your express content, in accordance with the rules of law and integrity, by taking information-security measures, and provided that it shall not be used for other than the purposes and scope specified under this Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy.

2- Measures for the Protection of Personal Data

Protection of personal data is essential for Petrol Ofisi. Petrol Ofisi takes the necessary measures to protect personal data against unauthorized access, loss, misuse, disclosure, alteration, or destruction.

Petrol Ofisi takes all necessary technical and administrative measures to keep your personal data confidential, ensuring secure privacy. Although Petrol Ofisi has taken necessary measures for information security, Petrol Ofisi shall immediately inform you and the Personal Data Protection Board if personal data is damaged or accessed by third parties as a result of attacks on the Website and the system.

3-KVKK'nın 11. maddesi gereği haklarınız;

You can apply to Petrol Ofisi by filling in the attached "Application Form" and you can forward the following requests regarding your personal data:

a) learn whether your personal data is processed;

b) request information if processed;
c) learn the purpose of processing and whether they are used for the purposes specified;
d) know local and international third parties to which they have been transferred;
e) request correction if processed incompletely or incorrectly;
f) Request the deletion / destruction of your personal data in accordance with article 7 of the Personal Data Protection Law no. 6698;
g) request the notification of the transactions made with third parties in accordance with the aforementioned paragraphs (e) and (f);
h) object against any unfavorable consequence as a result of analysis of your personal data exclusively by automated systems;
i)claim compensation of damages caused by the illegal processing of your personal data.

You may contact us at any time to exercise your rights on your personal data under Article 11 of the Personal Data Protection Law no. 6698 by filling in Application Form attached to this text, e-mailing to, or by forwarding your Application Formto our headquarters address.

4- Personal Data Retention Time

The personal data processed by Petrol Ofisi is retained for the period as required by the legislation and necessary for the purpose of processing the data. If no legal retention time has been specified, Petrol Ofisi establishes a period of time considering its business processes and legal and commercial practices.

Your personal data will be deleted, destroyed or anonymized by Petrol Ofisi once the retention period has expired or upon your request.

5- Accurate and Up-to-date Storage of Your Personal Data

User(s), customers, candidate employees, visitors, and business partners accept and declare that the correctness and up-to-date storage of information they share on the Website or in other ways are important for them to be able to exercise their rights on personal data under the LPPD and other related regulations and that they shall be solely responsible for misinformation.

6- Deletion, Destruction or Anonymization of Your Personal Data

Your personal data processed for the purposes of this Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy may be anonymized to continue to be used by Petrol Ofisi after the invalidation of the purpose requiring personal data processing in accordance with Article 7/f.1 of the LPPD or after the expiration of legally specified periods in accordance with Article 138 of the Turkish Criminal Code.

You are always entitled to delete your personal data or withdraw your consent for processing and use of your personal data.

7- Amendments to the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy

Petrol Ofisi may from time to time make amendments to this Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy. These amendments shall be effective immediately when the new Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy is posted on the Website.

8- Applicable Law, Competent Courts and Enforcement Offices

This Website Terms of Use and Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy are subject to the laws of the Republic of Turkey. If any dispute or conflict is claimed in relation to the matters contained herein, the Istanbul (Çağlayan) Court and Execution Offices shall be authorized.

9- Final Clause

User(s), customers, visitors, candidate employees, and business partners accept, declare and undertake irrevocably that they have read the Website Terms of Use and the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy, they shall comply with all aforementioned provisions, and that contents of the website and all electronic media and computer records of Petrol Ofisi shall be deemed as evidence in accordance with Article 193 of the Code of Civil Procedure.

Appendix 1 Application Form

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