Two innovative mineral oil products from Petrol Ofisi Technology Center

Petrol Ofisi Technology Center (POTEM), the most advanced technology center in Turkey and in the region, offers ideal solutions under a single umbrella for the country’s all mineral oil needs, from automotive to industry, with an internally-developed range of 350 products. Petrol Ofisi, the leader of Turkey's mineral oils and chemicals market, carries its success beyond the boundaries, and exports the products developed at POTEM to 33 countries.

One of the latest products developed by Petrol Ofisi Mineral Oils in POTEM is the Maxima Hybrid 0W–20. This hi-tech mineral oil is manufactured for the first time in Turkey at ACEA A5/B5 performance level to be used in hybrid vehicles and Start & Stop technology as a part of global sustainable environment policies. It extends engine lifespan, optimizes performance, and provides up to 3% fuel savings compared to previous generations.

Another hi-tech product developed by POTEM is Hydro Tech HVI-E, a next-generation hydraulic system oil. Petrol Ofisi Hydro Tech HVI-E has a longer lifespan compared to its counterparts, reducing operational costs, and providing energy savings of up to 10% in industrial hydraulic applications. The savings increase even over 10% in construction equipment.

Two innovative mineral oil products from Petrol Ofisi Technology Center

Petrol Ofisi, leader of Turkey's fuel oil industry, hosted a media tour for leading media organizations in its plant in Derince, Kocaeli that serves as the production base for the mineral oils and chemicals market it has been leading historically. During the media visit hosted by Petrol Ofisi Mineral Oils Director Sezgin Gürsu, the Petrol Ofisi Technology Center (POTEM), located in the plant, also enjoyed attention as the most advanced center in Turkey and in the broader region. As part of the media tour held for the press members of Automotive and Energy sectors, Maxima Hybrid 0W-20 engine oil developed by POTEM for hybrid vehicles was launched, and visitors were informed on the Petrol Ofisi Hydro Tech HVI-E, the next-generation energy-saving hydraulic system oil.

Petrol Ofisi Mineral Oils contributes to production, industry, and economy in Turkey

Petrol Ofisi Mineral Oils Director Sezgin Gürsu emphasized the traditional leadership of Petrol Ofisi in Turkish mineral oils and chemicals market in which it has been operating since its establishment in 1941:

“According to the data of Petroleum Industry Association (PETDER), Petrol Ofisi Mineral Oils has maintained its leading position attained in 2010 in the mineral oils and chemicals market in a row until 2017, marking its 8-year leadership with a market share of 24.9%. Petrol Ofisi produces mineral oils and grease in this high-tech Derince plant with an annual production of 140,000 tons and a total storage capacity of 65,000 tons, including 15,000 tons of finished products and 50,000 tons of raw materials / semi-finished products. They are sold through a widespread network of 16,000 points across Turkey. In 2017, we produced more than 122,000 tons in our plant, and we exported more than 10,000 tons to 33 countries in 4 continents. Petrol Ofisi Mineral Oils production facility is the most advanced center which can offer solutions to the diverse mineral oil needs in Turkey, notably in the automotive industry, with more than 350 different products. With the rich variety of high-tech products we develop and produce here, Petrol Ofisi also contributes significantly to production, industry, and economy in the field of oils."

POTEM is one of the most advanced technology centers globally

Sezgin Gürsu underlined that this important achievement by Petrol Ofisi Mineral Oils owed much to Petrol Ofisi Technology Center (POTEM), positioned as the most important center not only in Turkey but also in a vast geography, and said: “POTEM is located in the Petrol Ofisi Mineral Oils production plant with an indoor area of 1,000 m² and an investment value of $6 million. It operates with hi-tech machinery, expert staff, unique know-how and experience of 77 years, and undertakes R&D efforts. In POTEM, a total of 155 different tests can be carried out using national and international methods, 83 of which are accredited by TÜRKAK (Turkish Accreditation Agency). In our center, we conduct an average of 150,000 tests annually. Petrol Ofisi Technology Center (POTEM) does not only serve Petrol Ofisi with its advanced technology and accredited capabilities. We also offer R&D, quality control and analysis services to public institutions as well as many domestic and foreign companies including the world’s giants. Therefore, POTEM is one of the most advanced technology centers in the international mineral oils industry.”

We offer solutions that are in exact compatibility with all common vehicle brands and models in Turkey

Dünyada otomotiv teknolojilerindeki gelişime ve araç çeşitliliğine de dikkat çeken Petrol Ofisi Madeni Yağlar Direktörü Sezgin Gürsu, "Sadece binek ve hafif ticari araç segmentinde dahi, OEM ve uluslararası motor yağı şartnameleri dikkate alındığında yaklaşık dünyada 35.000 farklı spesifikasyon mevcut. Türkiye'nin yaş ortalaması yüksek 22 milyon araç parkının da ihtiyaçları bundan daha az değil. Biz de Petrol Ofisi olarak, tamamı Türkiye'de POTEM'de geliştirilen ve bu tesisimizde üretilen ürün portföyümüz ile pazar ihtiyaçlarının tamamına yakınını karşılıyoruz. Üstün nitelikli Maxima ve Maximus marka motor yağlarımız ile Türkiye'de yaygın her araç marka ve modeli için birebir uyumlu zengin çözüm seçenekleri sunuyoruz" açıklamasında bulundu.

Simultaneous development in engine lubricants supports automotive technologies

Sezgin Gürsu remarked that the global environmental and economic factors are now a priority for all industries, acting as the driving force in advancing automotive and lubricants industries and triggering technology: “Emission is a threat for the whole world and the automotive industry comes to the fore as a universal field in which everyone expresses opinions. For this reason, it is the first sector, and its stakeholders including ourselves, which face the impacts of regulations. Looking at the progress in engine lubricants driven by exhaust emission norms, engine technologies, and fuel efficiency, we switched from 20W–50 in 1970s, to 10W–40s in 1990s, and to 5W–30s in 2000s. Emissions limits are today 96% more strict compared to initial limits. The evolution started with Stop / Start and and went on all the way up to hybrid vehicles, and we are now working on 0W lubricating oils.” Sezgin Gürsu also emphasized the necessity of simultaneous development and mutual support in automotive technologies and engine lubricants.

We created e-POwer for the recharge / range problem of electric and hybrid vehicles

Petrol Ofisi Mineral Oils Director Sezgin Gürsu said, considering the current trend in emission regulations, it would be impossible to meet the limits only with vehicles featuring internal-combustion engines after 2025, stating that the solution was hybrid and electric vehicles with technologies aiming at ‘zero emission’ to reduce average emissions. Sezgin Gürsu touched upon the support that Petrol Ofisi, as the fuel industry leader, provides to the development of electric and hybrid vehicles in Turkey: “In line with sustainable environmental policies, electric and hybrid vehicles are the right choice for the future, further efforts and improvement are required in this field. To ensure improvement, supporting their widespread use is vital. If the supply network is not set up, these vehicles will not become widespread because of their limited range. We, as the traditional leader and pioneer in automotive fuels, have invested in the solution of this problem with electric and hybrid vehicles and created e-POwer. This was an original and unique brand in all aspects from its design to its structure and developed as a 100% local product. Thanks to e-POwer, electric and hybrid vehicles have been relocated from the pressure gauge and water pump to a prestigious, original and unique canopy. At the end of 2017, we opened the first e-POwer in our station at the entrance of Osmangazi Bridge. We invested in e-POwer with no commercial returns but with a sense of responsibility inspired by our leadership qualities, increasing the number of terminals to 10 in a year.”

Maxima Hybrid 0W–20, an engine lubricant for hybrid vehicles

Sezgin Gürsu said that Petrol Ofisi extended support with yet another solution as a ‘first in Turkey’ to the lubricants industry in which it is a leader:

“Vehicle manufacturers offer solutions with low-consumption hybrid systems supported by electric engines and complex exhaust emission systems. There is no doubt that automotive and engine oil technologies are parallel and mutually supportive developments. Therefore, it is important to adapt engine lubricants technology to support these hybrid systems and extend their lifespan. Petrol Ofisi Mineral Oils, the traditional leader of the mineral oils and chemicals market, has also assumed responsibility in this area and developed a special engine lubricant, Maxima Hybrid 0W–20, for hybrid vehicles.

Petrol Ofisi technology is faster, more protective, more efficient

Maxima Hybrid 0W–20, as the outcome of R&D studies carried out in the hi-tech POTEM facilities, boasts advanced technologies that equip it with outstanding qualities. Maxima Hybrid 0W–20 is formulated with low-ash technology compatible with complex exhaust emission systems in hybrids; it responds quickly to the instant lubricating requirement especially in Start-Stop technology, and maximizes performance by reducing friction losses with low viscosity, while providing fuel savings and protecting the engine in the most effective manner. Maxima Hybrid 0W–20 reduces costs thanks to an extended lifespan and contributes to the engine performance without compromise on fuel savings. Maxima Hybrid 0W–20 provides fuel savings with 3% lower consumption compared to standard engine lubricants. The most advanced product developed by POTEM, Maxima Hybrid 0W–20 delivers the highest performance in its segment. Having already kicked off the serial production, we will start, in a month, selling this high-tech product, which provides up to two times faster fluidity, pumpability of up to -40°C, and maximum wear protection in extreme heat and cold with outstanding qualities such as a lubricant film that does not break even at 150°C.

A new generation of energy-saving hydraulic oils from Petrol Ofisi

Petrol Ofisi Mineral Oils Director Sezgin Gürsu stated that another hi-tech product developed by POTEM was the energy-saving hydraulic oil Hydro Tech HVI-E: “One of the most important production inputs of the industry is undoubtedly energy costs. However, hydraulic oils, with a wide range of usage areas from the simplest jack to the complex industrial machines, constitute the most consumed oil class in the industry. Petrol Ofisi, as the market leader, produces and offers more than 18 million liters of hydraulic oil annually to the industry. We have developed a very special product, working on two specialty areas of ours: energy and lubricating oils. According to the results of real sector tests we have conducted with significant manufacturers in different fields of Turkey, the next-generation Petrol Ofisi Hydro Tech HVI-E offers significant advantages compared to conventional hydraulic oils. The next-generation hydraulic oil, enjoying a lifespan much longer than its counterparts, reduces operational costs and increases the efficiency of hydraulic pumps. Additionally, the next-generation hydraulic oil of Petrol Ofisi also provides significant energy savings. Our product provides up to 10% energy savings in next-generation high-efficiency hydraulic pumps. In some other usage areas, notably in construction equipment, savings exceed 10%. With all these superior qualities and advantages, it is possible to say that the new-generation hydraulic oil from Petrol Ofisi will be pioneering Turkey for a new era in its class.’