The indisputable leader of Turkey's lubricants market: Petrol Ofisi

Petrol Ofisi has been the leader of the Turkish lubricants and chemicals market since 2010 and held this position for a solid decade with an approximate market share of 28.6 percent*. Acquiring a market share of more than 27 percent*, it has also achieved market leadership in the lubricants market alone. Petrol Ofisi continues to create value through its products and operations offered to all sectors from automotive to industry, from marine to construction.

Emphasizing that the success of Petrol Ofisi in the field of lubricants is not coincidental, Selim Şiper, CEO of Petrol Ofisi, states, "This success is the result of correct and strong steps we take in every field with a sense of leadership responsibility. It has its individual meanings for us as an indication of the right path we are progressing with our system, strategy, and work which we have put into practice."

Petrol Ofisi Lubricants Director, Sezgin Gürsu says, "This traditional success we have achieved bears the signature of our employees who always seek for the better and work passionately and collaboratively as a team, and of our business partners who proudly keep Petrol Ofisi flag flying in every region we operate. In addition to this, our rich product portfolio that meets the needs of all industries, especially the Maxima and Maximus family, our continuous improvements and services that facilitate our customers' efforts and increase their efficiency have been the most important elements of our success. Our primary goal is to carry this leadership into the future in a manner befitting Petrol Ofisi."

Petrol Ofisi Lubricants, which has reached a sales figure exceeding 120 thousand tons in 2019 with approximately 11 thousand tons of exportation in 33 countries on 4 continents, has a cutting-edge plant in Derince, Kocaeli. With an annual production capacity of 144 thousand tons, Petrol Ofisi Lubricant Plant has a total storage capacity of 65 thousand tons, including 15 thousand tons of finished products and 50 thousand tons of raw and semi-finished materials. Petrol Ofisi has substantial R&D and technological power thanks to Petrol Ofisi Technology Center (POTEM) which is positioned as the most advanced center in a large geographical area as well as Turkey. At POTEM, in which 155 different tests can be performed with national and international methods, a total of 150 thousand tests are carried out annually, 84 of which are accredited by TÜRKAK. With its advanced technology, superior R&D capacity, and over 350 products manufactured, particularly Maxima and Maximus, Petrol Ofisi Lubricants can meet almost all the needs of Turkey in the field of lubricants, under a single roof.

Selim Şiper: "We have begun to obtain the results of the steps taken, in a short time”

Stating that they, as Petrol Ofisi, have started to obtain the results of the important developments shortly after their implementation in every field, Selim Şiper, the CEO of Petrol Ofisi says, "We have implemented significant improvements in many fields, from administrative processes to our organizational structure, from our IT infrastructure to our products and services. These important and powerful steps taken simultaneously in many fields in a huge establishment like Petrol Ofisi have begun to yield their initial results in a short time. This outstanding success we have achieved in the lubricants market is one of the most current and beautiful indicators of these developments. Petrol Ofisi has been maintaining its leadership perpetually in the lubricants and chemicals market since 2010. Moreover, it has further strengthened its current position with its operations in all fields from the product to the distribution network and has acquired the leading position in the lubricant market. This success bears the signature of a number of people from our friends at the Directorate of Lubricants to our business partners."

Sezgin Gürsu: "The improvements we made in every field have brought us success"

Highlighting the success they have achieved in delivering products and services through an extensive distribution network across Turkey, Petrol Ofisi Lubricants Director Sezgin Gürsu has made the following statement:

"We have the largest and the most extensive distribution network with 16 thousand sales points as well as nearly 1,770 Petrol Ofisi stations and our distributors delivering all across Turkey. We have one of Turkey's largest infrastructure, POTEM as the most advanced center in its field, and 79 years of knowledge and advanced technology. Thanks to our R&D power, we make continuous improvements and produce innovative products. We have further improved our portfolio with our new corporate customers. We have made service agreements with leading brands in the automotive segment. We have also developed our first filling and service agreements with original equipment manufacturers. We have always been accessible to our customers and stood by their side. We evaluate each and every outcome of the Customer Satisfaction Surveys we conduct meticulously and listen to our customers' opinions, thus developing our products and services for their current and future expectations. Furthermore, we engage in great coordination efforts with our corporate customers in the industry, working in collaboration even during the product development phase. As a conclusion, the results we have obtained as a result of our intense efforts have made us the leader in the Turkish lubricants market in 2019."

*Source: PETDER 2019-2019 Total Data on Lubricants and Chemicals